Where can you find the best Instagram-worthy spots in Corpus Christi?

When you are on vacation, the first thing you want to do is share some cute pictures with your friends on Instagram.

Lisa Mills and Annette Medlin take a selfie in front of the

Even locals may not know about some of these hidden gems in the sparkling city.

From the iconic Selena statue on Shoreline Boulevard to the unique murals and street art in downtown Corpus Christi, you don’t want to miss the moment in these cool places.

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Coffee muggle

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Embrace your inner wizard at the Coffee Mugg (le) Shop on Morgan Avenue. The cafe has a mural titled “I (Heart) Coffee” which has Harry Potter-inspired letters and the symbol “Deathly Hallows” in the heart.

1112 Morgan Ave.

Susan Almaguer stands in front of her café where she painted

Well deserved

Take a cute selfie in front of that gorgeous wall of flowers at this chocolate and bakery shop on South Staples Street.

1316 S Staples St.

Corpus Christi Murals & Street Art

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to see and photograph some of the most unique murals that Corpus Christi has to offer. Support local artists.

Here is a list of murals and street art in the Corpus Christi area

This photo taken on July 1, 2016 shows the Caller Times mural

The Selena memorial statue

When visiting the hometown of the Queen of Tejano, you cannot miss the chance to pose for a selfie with her iconic memorial statue. Everything for Selenas!

600 N Shoreline Blvd.

So today we did the Corpus Christi tour with a little Selena fan!  #selena #lovewhereyoulivecc #vivacc

The Texas State Aquarium

The Texas State Aquarium is a fun place to get to know the incredible animals that live there. But you also have a nice place to take pictures with the dolphins.

2710 N Shoreline Blvd.

Schooner (left) and Kai participate in a dolphin show at the Texas State Aquarium on Monday, May 2, 2016.  Schooner is one of two new dolphins in the aquarium.

Horse riding on the beach

Take the date night to a whole new level and enjoy a romantic sunset horseback ride or take the whole family to learn how to ride a horse in this tourist adventure.

Make a reservation at 361-949-4944.

Take your sweetheart on a romantic horse ride on the beaches of Padre Island.

Murals in the La Palmera shopping center

Snap a selfie on one of the two murals in La Palmera Mall on South Padre Island Drive. One mural shows a large-format butterfly with positive properties and another contains “Greetings from the La Palmera shopping center”.

South Texas Botanical Garden

The South Texas Botanical Gardens is known for its beautiful plants and animals. Why not capture the wonders of nature while you pose for a selfie?

8545 S Staples St.

Learn how to enhance nature photos with Lightroom software at the South Texas Botanical Gardens.

Texas Surf Museum

The Texas Surf Museum gives visitors a glimpse into the surf culture at the coastal bend, but is also a great place to show your friends that you know how to ride waves.

309 N Water St.

The harbor bridge

This Corpus Christi landmark won’t last long so you’ll want to take as many selfies as possible with the iconic bridge.

Monthly bridgewalk in Corpus Christi Tx.  Kitesurfing #durbancc

North Beach

When visiting North Beach, you may spend most of your time posing selfies on the beach, but you can’t miss out on posing at the Ferris wheel near Fajitaville.

221 S Hotel Place

Fajitaville is located in Corpus Christi in North Beach Wednesday September 2, 2015.

Corpus Christi marina

The downtown marina has great views of the city skyline and great views of the boats that are in the marina. Why not hold on to the camera?

400 ON Shoreline Boulevard

Downtown is so pretty at night ✨ #lovewhereyoulivecc #vivacc

The Lexington Museum on the Bay

When you visit this historic aircraft carrier, you don’t just get a history lesson to experience. Take a selfie on the flight deck or with the unique men and women who work there.

2914 N Shoreline Blvd.

Brittany Ramirez (left) and Meagan Hatton jump as they have their photo taken next to a pink F9F-8 Cougar after it was loaded onto the USS Lexington flight deck at the USS Lexington Museum in support of breast cancer awareness on October 17, 2016 at the bay in Corpus Christi.

Heritage Park

This unique display of some of the historic Corpus Christi mansions has a beautiful park center and garden. Why not take a selfie in this quiet place?

1581 N Chaparral St.

Mariachi Mexicanisimo members will perform at the Mother's Day celebration presented by the Driscoll Health Plan at Heritage Park on Sunday May 3, 2015.  The celebration included carnations for the first 200 mothers.

Corpus Christi beaches

With the sunset right on the water, you can get some beautiful shots while visiting some of the Corpus Christi beaches on Padre Island.

#alohafriday #mermaidlife #corpuschristi #txcoast #saltyvibes #wanderlust #waterbaby #sunrise #vivacc

Ocean treasures sand castle

This Padre Island gift shop is like no other. Take a selfie in front of the sandcastle and legendary mermaid. We want to see it!

14049 S Padre Island Drive

Ocean Treasures on Padre Island has a quaint mermaid sandcastle on display outside their shop.

Snoopy’s Pier

Not only does Snoopy’s offer great seafood, the pier also has great views of the water.

13313 S Padre Island Drive

The demon of Corpus Christi

This creepy and impressive statue was originally part of a “rotor” ride in the amusement park and is located in front of Grey’s Recycling on Leopard Street, across from Snapka’s. You don’t want to miss out on posing with this iconic roadside attraction.

4733 Leopard St.

The Corpus Christi demon hangs on Leopard Street near Gray's Recycling.

Corpus Christi ice cream cone

If you knew about this giant sculpture in the Lamar Park neighborhood, you can continue the selfie tradition in its new home at the Ronald McDonald House.

Use the white sign on the sidewalk to find the “Sweet Selfie Spot” and use the hashtag “#RMHCSWEETSPOT” to share photos of the ice cream cone.

3402 Fort Worth Street

More:Ronald McDonald House Corpus Christi dedicates a huge ice cream cone to the deceased owner

The Corpus Christi ice cream cone was not judged on Monday, June 10, 2019, in front of the Corpus Christi house by Ronald McDonald.

The Longhorn in the South Texas Art Museum

When visiting the South Texas Art Museum, don’t forget to pose in front of the museum with a bronze statue of a longhorn.

1902 N Shoreline Blvd.

The bronze Longhorn statue in front of the Art Museum in South Texas is one of the many unique places to take selfies in Corpus Christi.

Bonus! Don’t limit yourself to Corpus Christi. Check out some of these popular #Instagable places on the coastal bend that you won’t want to miss.

The Old Park Pavillion (also known as Lake Corpus Christi Castle)

This unique hidden gem in Lake Corpus Christi State Park makes you feel like you are visiting an actually abandoned castle.

23194 Park Road 25, Mathis

The Old Park Pavillion, also known as Lake Corpus Christi Castle, is located in Mathis and is another popular place to take photos in Coastal Bend.

Fulton Mansion

Don’t miss out on capturing the moment on this historic site as you tour the iconic Rockport / Fulton tourist destination.

17 S. Fulton Beach Road, Fulton

The Fulton Mansion is a popular tourist destination in Rockport / Fulton.  It's also a great place to take photos.

Port Aransas harbor

Take a shot overlooking the ocean at Port Aransas Marina. If you are lucky you might see some dolphins in your selfie.

301 JC Barr Boulevard, Port Aransas

The sunset over Port Aransas marina and beyond from the balcony of Karen Ritchie's Cline's Landing Penthouse.

The big tree

Capture the moment when you finally saw the Big Tree, a living oak that has stood on the coast for more than 1,000 years.

1622 12th Street, Rockport

The Big Tree is a living oak tree and is estimated to be over 1,000 years old in Goose Island State Park in Rockport on Wednesday January 13, 2016.

Basking shark

When visiting Port Aransas, don’t forget to pose by the 50-foot fiberglass shark entrance to Destination Beach and Surf.

516 S Alister Street, Port Aransas

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