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Wedding Photography The Styles and Types You Must be aware of before hiring a photographer

Oct 29


Traditional wedding photography is passé We all know. But what about the pre-wedding shoots? Post-wedding photos in candid style or photojournalistic styles Are you seeking some variety on your big day!? Before interviewing photographers, it's crucial that you are aware of which style reflects your personality. ).


There is a myriad of different styles of wedding photography. However, you don't have to adhere to one particular style. A classic American wedding or a more abstract modern photo is sure to ensure your wedding is memorable long after the event is over!

It is possible that you are wondering which one is the most suitable for you. Let me explain.

Regular wedding photography


Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and should be captured. It's a day of celebration that encompasses everything: the band playing, everyone dancing by themselves or with family and/or friends. It's an emotional rollercoaster for everyone! These memories will last for a lifetime. You can have all of your wedding photos recorded to be able to view them whenever you'd like.

It's important to capture every moment on video to ensure that there aren't regrets later when life gets busy.

Photography for Weddings Pre and Post


Post-wedding and pre-wedding shoots are more intimate than the standard style of photography. The shoots are more focused on the intimate relationship between two people rather than the formal ceremony or reception with guests. Modern couples are able to be their own and not feel self-conscious about the clothes others wear.


Pre/Post Wedding photos capture real emotions from the accumulated stress of weddings: Bride's nerves when she is walking down the aisle, groomsmen cutting off facial hair for the second time because he's determined to have everything right. These photographs will let them reveal their true selves.

Drone Photography


Drones are a great way to capture the aerial view of your wedding and give it that wild, mysterious impression. This is especially beneficial when you're planning to have your wedding reception or ceremony outdoors set in the beauty of nature drones can allow us to see things from further up than what we could by using only our eyes!


This type of Las Vegas wedding photographer can capture all kinds of landscapes, including mountain peaks covered in snow. Also, they have stunning photographs that were taken at the top of the mountains.


Let's have a look at some wedding photography styles that are popular. styles too:


Traditional Photography

The oldest form of wedding photography. This style provides a stiff and formal appearance that transports us back to before our parents' weddings featuring all the classic wedding poses you've come to know from your childhood memories-the ones where everyone had to be forced into pictures instead of having fun! Although modern styles are becoming more common with newlyweds, a few couples still like traditional wedding photos in their albums.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

One of the most sought-after styles for newlyweds photographers who captures amazing moments with a keen eye. This kind of photography doesn't let you feel the presence of its photographer but can capture everything that is beautiful on the big day. This kind of photography can be easily missed in more formal and structured types of photographs, like portraits or receptions where guests must dress in their best Sunday attire!


Lifestyle Photography

The photographer will collaborate with you to develop a style that suits your personality and preferences. This may mean providing some guidance or letting the bride-to-be chosen her own preferences and also involves the input of both parties when deciding what type of photos they'd like to have during the pre-wedding events like photoshoots in the comfort of their homes before guests arrive and also more formal pictures during the day, such as an outdoor cocktail hour . we are able to capture gorgeous candid photos without any worries about hiding behind the flowers in case people could walk into the picture!


Vintage Photography

It's not easy to create a photorealistic photo album. It is crucial to not create a fake appearance for your pictures. But, you do not expect them to appear natural. This could make the album look old-fashioned. It is the best option to think about this type of style is for those who aren't certain of what they're looking at when reviewing their own photos, or even just browsing galleries online - ensure there aren't any obvious effects like lenses that shine light at subjects in particular photos that could ruin everything about how "real" these photographs actually appear once you look at them closely.


Fine Art Photography

What do you need to be an artistic photographer? You'll need a sharp eye and the ability to think of creative expression. Like everything else there's a certain amount of subjectivity when it comes to art, but this only applies in regards to style, not the things shown on camera, because we're after all making something beautiful! These two skills are able to create photos that are both visionary and execution-oriented. But they can also clash as each person has their own perspective on how they see things differently so communication might prove difficult between clients looking for someone "artsy" or perhaps not wanting to be awe-inspiringly polished, but still attractive enough to make people keep your image in mind for several years later, but not notice its existence.


Dramatic Wedding Photography

The modern fashion-inspired editorial or dramatic wedding photography style is what will make your wedding photos unforgettable. For this kind of photograph, there are many equipment and props that require longer to create, but when they're completed, the final result appears stunning! What's the problem? It's difficult to find enough time between your busy schedules to work on an expensive project such as taking these moments with a camera and we're left with a choice: devote all day long to ensure you can get stunning pictures of your big event.




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