Visit Corpus Christi is creating a new program

Visit Corpus Christi is launching a new program called “Gulf Coasters” aimed at enhancing the overall city visit experience.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – This summer you might see some brand new golf carts on the beach and wonder who it is? Well, they are Gulf Coasters, a new program from Visit Corpus Christi.

“Our brand new initiative designed, designed and launched by our great leadership team and seasoned leader in the hope of reaching and motivating our recreational and group travelers outside of the normal visitor center,” said Sammi Ramon, Leisure Manager Engagement.

Ramon wants visitors to see everything the city has to offer, not just the beaches.

“We want them to spend more time in Corpus Christi instead of being here Friday through Sunday and spending more time in local attractions and in these bars and restaurants,” said Ramon.

According to Ramon, Gulf Coasters will help visitors learn more about all that the Coast Bend has to offer.

“Talking and engaging visitors and getting them very excited about all the different things we have to do at the bend in the coast,” said Ramon.

Ramon says golf coasters will start their initiatives on different beaches and eventually will be all over Corpus Christi.

“We would also like some volunteers to be stationed at our Convention Center at Corpus Christi International Airport at some point when we have large convention groups so they can have some opportunities to have fun and connect with everyone,” said Ramon.

With summer just around the corner, the program starts just in time.

“The summer season is just around the corner and it’s going to be very busy and exciting here and we look forward to seeing more people in the Corpus Christi area and on our beaches, in our shops and stores and everywhere,” he said to Ramon.

If you are interested in being a Gulf Coaster, click here.

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