This is how Corpus Christi deals with the shortage of staff

For five weeks, not one person applied to be a line chef in any of the three restaurants on the Water Street Market – Oyster Bar, Sushi Room and Executive Surf Club.

And not one person applied for a job with the company during the Visit Corpus Christi Hospitality Job Fair on April 20th.

“The kitchens are really struggling to keep up and we’re starting to dissatisfy customers,” said Richard Lomax, president of Water Street Restaurants. “We just can’t meet demand with the supply and labor we have right now.”

In an ideal world, Lomax would hire at least another 20 people. The company now has around 140 employees.

In fact, he has started discussions with lawyers about hiring overseas workers, which he has not done before.

“We’re trying to get temporary visas for workers from other countries so they can get the service they need as I’m starting to fear that this could be a permanent problem,” Lomax said.