The Corpus Christi pastor was removed from the ministry pending investigation

Father Martin H. Demek, pastor of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Baltimore, has been removed from the ministry pending an investigation into child sexual abuse. The following is an April 18 statement from the Archdiocese of Baltimore:

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is investigating allegations of sexual abuse against a minor on which Father Dr. Martin H. Demek, pastor of Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Baltimore.

In accordance with the policy of the Archdiocese, the Archdiocese has Father Dr. Demek’s ability to serve as a priest suspended him from service pending the results of a full investigation. Ms. Demek has denied the allegation and is cooperating with the archdiocese’s investigation.

The Archdiocese received the allegation earlier this year and immediately reported it to law enforcement. Archdiocese policy requires the Archdiocese to cooperate in all investigations by law enforcement agencies and also to conduct its own investigations. After receiving permission from the Carroll County sheriff’s office earlier this week, the archdiocese has now started its own investigation. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office requested the Archdiocese not to investigate or take any action with regard to Father Dr. Demek until we got his official permission. In accordance with the archdiocese’s policy, counseling is available to those affected by child sexual abuse.

The alleged abuse began around 1989 when the victim was around 11 years old and allegedly made multiple occurrences. The incidents allegedly took place at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Manchester, MD. This matter is at an early stage of the investigation and therefore the Archdiocese has not made a credibility determination at this point. However, the Archdiocese is making this notice in order to gather relevant information as part of its investigation and to fulfill its obligation to openly communicate with the communities concerned.

Demek was ordained a priest in 1975. He was Associate Pastor of Our Lady Queen of Peace (1975-1980), St. Thomas Aquinas (1980-1984), and Shrine of the Little Flower (1984-1987). He was pastor in St. Bartholomew (1987-1996), St. William of York (1996-2010) and Corpus Christi (2010-present). He was also the administrator of Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Edgewater (1996).

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to protecting children and healing victims of abuse. We urge anyone who is aware of child sexual abuse to come forward and report it to law enforcement immediately. If there is any suspicion that clergy or other church personnel have committed the abuse, we ask you to call the hotline of the victim support for child and youth protection of the archdiocese at 1-866-417-7469. If you have any further relevant information on this matter, please contact the Archdiocesan Office for Child and Youth Protection at 410-547-5348.

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