The Corpus Christi Church distributes food

On Tuesday, Casa de Dios volunteers hosted a drive-through pantry near Ayers and South Port Avenue.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – For those facing tough times and starvation, at least one local church is doing its best to offer a helping hand.

On Tuesday, Casa de Dios volunteers hosted a drive-through pantry near Ayers and South Port Avenue.

It’s something this particular church has done almost every week since the pandemic started.

With blinkers and open suitcases, people drove through the pantry to this driveway. Each person, grateful for the fresh food they can receive.

We met Cynthia Maxwell among those patiently waiting for their turn.

“I think it’s a great blessing. You help the community, I love you, I think you are great,” Maxwell said.

A long line of cars drove down Ayers Street. In fact, it went back several city blocks, which turned out to be an example of the great need in the community.

“In these times of need as a church, we felt in our hearts to do something to help our community,” said Pastor Fernando Ramirez of Casa de Dios Church.

Ramirez said thanks to a partnership with Coastal Bend Food Bank, the church has been helping put food on the table for people in the ward every week for over a year.

“Mainly because they had financial problems. A lot of families were trying to make ends meet,” Ramirez said.

Every Tuesday, items such as milk, bread, canned goods and other products are put into these vehicles by volunteers.

It is a seemingly small gesture of goodwill, but one that means the world to the families being served.

“When the pandemic started, we were almost twice as big. We used to have 250 families, now we have 500 families. We are now seeing that they are getting less and less. We already have a few people who say they have a job received, great. ” said Ramirez.

The pastor said he will continue the service as long as there is a need, no matter how big or small it is.

The distribution takes place every Tuesday at 2341 Pearse Dr in Corpus Christi. You can check out their Facebook page for more information.

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