Eight-year-old Jaxon Hancock carries a garbage bag to his car after picking it up on US Route 77 in Calallen on Thursday, March 11, 2021.

Don’t mess with Texas.

This household phrase has been with Texans for more than 35 years. It reminds residents and visitors not to dispose of rubbish and to rid the community of rubbish.

Eight-year-old Jaxon Hancock helps keep Corpus Christi clean by persuading his parents to drive by whenever he sees trash on the side of the road.

“We only have one world. If we pick it up, there will be more or less garbage in the world,” said Jaxon.

Daphne Hancock, Jaxon’s mother, said since he was about four years old he started asking if he could pick up trash when he found trash.

“He’s always noticed it since he was little,” said Hancock. “Even if we’re at a birthday party and someone drops a bag of chips on the floor, they’ll pick it up and throw it in the trash.”

Jaxon lives in Calallen and collects rubbish in town himself. His mother said they picked up trash in parks and near the bay in downtown Corpus Christi.

The young trash lover hopes to become a plumbing worker when he grows up to keep the community clean.

“I do it because trash is bad for the world,” Jaxon said. “I want the world to be clean.”


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