The Austin brothers catch and release a 30-meter-long tiger shark in Corpus Christi

Another large shark was pulled from the Corpus Christi water this weekend.

This time it was an 11-foot-11 tiger shark.

The Seaborn Fishing team, made up of brothers Andrew and Stephen from Austin, was the proud fisherman who caught and released the female shark off Bob Hall Pier on Sunday using an Avet 80W reel, Barrett rod and stingray as bait Has.

Andrew Seaborn told that he was “in disbelief” as he watched 200 meters of his line being taken “effortlessly”. After 30 to 45 minutes and with the help of his brother and friend Allen Glen, the tiger shark was brought to the surface of the water.

After the group took a photo with their catch, they released the shark back into the water. To make sure she would swim away, she had to be led down the pier by the men, which shocked everyone along the way, Andrew Seaborn said.

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He’s not sure if the tiger shark would break any records for the state or the pier, but he says the catch is definitely a “personal best.”

“The only records we hope to break are our own,” said Andrew Seaborn. “We are avid catch and release fishermen when it comes to large sharks, so we would never attempt to submit a fish for a record unless it is a catch and release record.”

In 2011, a group caught a 12 1/2 foot tiger shark that was estimated to weigh more than 1,000 pounds from the same pier, according to Outdoor Life. Last week a man caught a 7-foot-7 bull shark.

The brothers have previously caught sharks 5-7 feet in size, but this was the first to actually break 10 feet. This was the fifth tiger shark they caught as a team, the previous ones were a few feet smaller.

Andrew Seaborn said fishing has been his and his brother’s hobby since their father brought them up and is always “about the joy, thrill and satisfaction of bringing these big fish in and watching them swim.”

“Dreams came true today,” he said online.

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