Texas Jazz Festival returns October 15-16 in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi’s own Raymond Chapa at the Texas Jazz Festival. Chapa is the director of the Tuloso-Midway Jazz Ensemble, which regularly participates in jazz competitions across the state. Courtesy Gary Blum / Texas Jazz Festival

The Texas Jazz Festival is back on the calendar for Corpus Christi. The dates for the 61st annual music festival are October 15-16 at Heritage Park, 1518 N. Chaparral St. in downtown Corpus Christi. The 60th annual festival has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year’s festival will follow COVID-19 restrictions as set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, organizers said, but the exact details will not be finalized until just before the fall event.

The announcement was made via the festival’s Facebook page, who declared: “WE ARE BACK!” The website hadn’t caught up for the news as of this story’s publication. The organizers announced that the planning is still ongoing.

“As a group we decided to present a high quality two-day jazz festival event to the public,” read the Facebook post from the Texas Jazz Festival Society and the Board of Directors. “Our goal is to continuously offer the public excellent live music, delicious food and a good mood.”

As more festivals made their comeback, some on different dates than usual, a confluence of events was inevitable. Texas SandFest usually takes place in April and is scheduled for the same weekend as the Jazz Festival. Fans of both need to figure out how to fit these two iconic festivals into their schedule. SandFest 2021, planned for 15.-17. October, offers an extra day to make things easier.

The jazz festival, which offers three music stages on both days, is free for all age groups.

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