Tent city in downtown Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Salvation Army reached out to residents of a tent city for the homeless near the Oveal Williams Center.

Local Salvation Army head Captain Patrick Gesner said they made the offer to residents of the tents last week when news of the growing community raised concerns among local officials who said it was illegal to have a tent city on public land to exist .

Gesner said the first people to seek help spoke of drug dealers and violent people conquering the tent city. He said he was surprised at the number that reached out for help.

“We originally thought we’d have about eight people, eight or nine people that we originally thought we would, and a few days later when we got to the office on Monday it ended up being 41.” said Gesner.

“41 people and some of them were people who had young children. You know, two years old, three years old, four years old.”

Gesner said that not only can they find a place in the shelter, but they are also putting some families in local motels and now they need public help.

Not only are they looking for donations that can be sent through the mail or through their website, but he is also hoping to find landlords willing to provide affordable housing for some of the families.

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