SMU Erases Texas A&M Corpus Christi;  Tim Jankovich briefs on security guard Tyson Jolly

Feron Hunt had told his teammates a week ago that he was going to make a dunk between the legs. He knew if he had a chance he would demonstrate it. Then Hunt got through to his promise against a team at Texas A&M Corpus-Christi that didn’t have much to contend with. A renegade dunk that proved to be an exclamation mark for the islanders’ wiping out by the 91-54 Mustangs.

Two Mustangs ended in double-doubles of various kinds. Point guard Kendric Davis had 10 assists and 11 points and Ethan Chargois had 12 points and 11 rebounds.

It was a full team effort against a team that was definitely one step below the talent of the SMU. Hunt had 19 points. Emmanuel Bandoumel had 17 points. William Douglas took a couple of charges. Darius McNeill hit his first shot after not playing for a year and a half. Charles Smith had 11 points to reach a career high.

The uncertainty surrounding Tyson Jolly remains

Late on Sunday night, Tyson tweeted Jolly that “it’s eggs for me” and “I love you, SMU,” suggesting he was no longer on the Mustangs’ program. He didn’t play in the first two games and hasn’t been on the team for weeks for personal reasons.

After that tweet, he posted dozens of times during the night and into the wee hours of the morning. These tweets were later deleted.

“It’s difficult for me because on the one hand I always want to be very open and honest and open with you all,” said Jankovich. “And transparent, and that’s what I’ve always tried. On the other hand, I have another obligation in mind to protect our players. And basically nothing that happened on the last day or that I know you know is really not new. And as I said, he’s on the road for personal reasons, which is my way of protecting him.

“But that has already happened, and certainly we are – all of our feelings are with him. And I don’t know how it will all turn out. But I know we’re just terribly hopeful for him. I would like to go into that in more depth. I think you can perhaps begin to understand what I mean by some of the personal problems he is going through. “

Jolly was a standout player for SMU last season and was a preseason selection from the All-American Athletic Conference. It is unclear what his personal matter is.

Darius McNeill makes his debut

It had been a year and a half since McNeill played in a game. After about five minutes of that game, he finally got on. He was sidelined from his first game due to an injury and had to sit out the last year because of his transfer from Cal.

“Having him is going to be great for us,” said Hunt. “He clears the floor very well. He can get to the basket. Today was his first game in a year and six months. Although he didn’t have a great line of statistics, it was good for him to be out there again. “

McNeill made his first shot – a 3-pointer. He finished the 1: 5 shooting with five points. He had five rebounds, a block, and an assist.

Also remarkable

• SMU forward Everett Ray was unavailable due to an unknown injury. Jankovich said his status was commonplace

• Jankovich said striker Yor Anei would be out for a few more weeks and that his surrender had not been approved by the NCAA.

• Jankovich said the SMU is still trying to add games to its non-conference schedule, possibly during the two-week break between December 16-30 in the Mustangs schedule.

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