President Trump calls the federal court Corpus Christi beautiful

Trump issued the Executive Order this week to promote beautiful federal citizen architecture.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – President Trump recently signed an executive order to ensure that newly constructed federal buildings are “beautiful,” citing the Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse as an example.

The order states that modern federal building architecture has been unpopular with Americans since the 1950s.

The 1962 Guiding Principles discouraged classic and other traditional designs known for their beauty and instead stated that the government should use “contemporary” designs, the order states.

The ordinance mentions that American buildings will be modeled on ancient Athens and Rome.

Notable founding fathers agreed with these assessments and attached great importance to the civic architecture of the federal government. They wanted America’s public buildings to inspire the American people and promote civic virtue. President George Washington and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson deliberately modeled the most important buildings in Washington, DC, modeled on the classical architecture of ancient Athens and Rome. They tried to use classical architecture to visually connect our republic today with the harbingers of democracy in classical antiquity, reminding citizens not only of their rights but also of their responsibility in maintaining and maintaining their institutions.

The federal government has largely stopped building beautiful buildings, with the exception of the federal Corpus Christi court, Trump’s order said.

It is for this reason that President Trump established the President’s Council to Improve the Federal Citizenship Architecture.

“Like the popular landmarks of America, new federal building designs should elevate and beautify the public space, inspire the human spirit, ennoble the United States, demand public respect and, if necessary, respect the architectural heritage of a region should also be visibly recognizable as civic buildings and to be selected with the help of the local community, “says the order.

President Trump wants to get rid of the “brutalist” and “deconstructivist” architectural style that has become popular in modern times. The brutalist style is defined in the implementing ordinance as a “block-like appearance with a strictly geometric style and the extensive use of exposed concrete”.

The deconstructivist architectural style “is characterized by fragmentation, disorder, discontinuity, distortion, distorted geometry and the occurrence of instability.”

The Order said it was time to update the federal architecture guidelines to address these issues and “ensure that architects who design federal buildings serve their customers, the American people”.

Read the full Executive Order here.

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