Premier High School in Corpus Christi

This is the 41st premier high school campus in the United States.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – A new breed of high school will open its doors to students this fall.

The old South Texas Business Systems building is being converted into the newest premier high school location, giving students one more opportunity to earn their diploma. It will be located on Kostoryz near SPID.

The school offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and excel.

“Students will have a great responsibility to take responsibility for their education,” said Angel Mendez, who will be the campus director at the Corpus Christi site.

An educator for over 20 years, Mendez looks forward to making a difference and helping bring a new way of learning to the coastal bend.

“When I saw what Premier was doing to offer career and technical programs for students in Corpus Christi, I would love to have access to them,” Mendez said.

The newest location will be a class-free campus, giving students flexibility. Those in charge say that the possibilities are different than on a traditional campus.

“The regular traditional teaching model tries to keep everyone at the same pace. Premier is a little unique in the sense that we tailor the lessons to the student. So as the student goes faster we will adapt to the student’s needs,” said Mendez.

The same goes for a student who has fallen behind and just wants a little more time.

The workflow model gives them flexible schedules to prepare for the next chapter in their life, whether it’s a career, military service, or college.

“We want them to be successful with whatever plan they choose,” said Mendez.

Corpus Christi will be the 41st premier high school campus in the United States. It is managed by ResponsiveEd, a not-for-profit network of charter schools that operates more than 75 tuition-free public charter schools across Texas and Arkansas.

Registration opened this week.

Further information on the program can be found here.

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