Parks and Recreation Says The Latest Addition May Save Lives On Corpus Christi Beaches

CORPUS CHRISTI. TEXAS – Sunbathing, surfers and swimmers are on the beach in Sparkling City.

When you take a dip in the ocean, someone is watching from above. Lifeguards are in their new towers.

“So we have better lifeguard towers that are built for lifeguards to have a better view of the water,” said Ashley Rioux, Gulf Beach program manager.

Rioux says the new towers will help save more lives and they have been waiting for them after two years.

“You know what makes a view of the water when cars are stacked hard off the road,” says Rioux. “As you know, we have a mobile patrol in the lifeguard tower, so the towers are really important”

The CDC reports that approximately 50 to 70% of drowning cases occur in open eaters.

During his time as a lifeguard, Travis Moore said he carried out around 25 rescue operations.

“You will see rip currents leak between the brakes. So how do you find a rip current where I always hit the jetty, ”he says.

To draw attention to themselves on this Memorial Day, the lifeguards also wear new shirts with beach flag warnings.

“Most of the time there won’t be a chance of tidal waves unless you go a little deeper,” says Moore. “A warning message is when we warn people to stay waist-deep, especially if they are inexperienced, as the chances of rift currents are high.”

So expect to see warning flags posted around the lifeguard towers and when lifeguards are in the tower they are ready to take action.

Corpus Christi Park and Rec is also looking for more lifeguards.

There are currently 18 vacancies for this season from May 30th to September 6th.

Click here to view the lifeguard’s roster.