Nurses receive COVID-19 vaccine in Corpus Christi

The second week vaccine distribution list for Moderna has been released for the Bend of the Coast.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The highly anticipated coronavirus vaccine will hold its way across the bend of the coast until the end of 2020.

Although there is no need to get vaccinated, Corpus Christi Medical Center staff received the first doses of the vaccine on December 18.

CCMC officials said those who offer direct COVID-19 care and are at greatest risk of being affected are part of the first wave of vaccinations.

The vaccine is still not available to the public. It is planned to manage it based on the tiered system of critical populations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as recommended by the CCMC.

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“With both doses given, recipients can expect about a 95% effectiveness rate, protecting them from the disease that caused a global pandemic and changed the lives of almost everyone in the world this year,” according to CCMC- Representative.

“The whole world has waited months for this modern medical miracle, and we are grateful to the researchers, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and various governments who have worked to make today a reality.”

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Last week, representatives of CHRIST Spohn began giving shots to front-line workers with almost 5,000 doses received.

“The beginning of the end” sounds a little sweeter every time it is said. That is the message from the CCMC.

Sam Pena, a trained nurse, was the first CCMC employee to receive the vaccine. In fact, Pena offered to go first. He said his reason was not him, but his neighbors.

“I chose to be one of the first to receive the vaccine to be a role model for my team, but personally, too, I think this is a way to end this terrible virus,” Pena said .

The CCMC received 975 vaccines in the first week.

Juan Ramirez is one of the staff working personally with COVID-19. He’s the medical director of the ambulance service and says a shot in the sleeve gets one step closer to the people who need it.

“I have to be ready to take care of my patients and the community,” Ramirez said.

The pulmonologist Dr. Muish Sharma said this vaccine meant a breath of fresh air as he could now be a little less worried about leaving work.

“I’m a father. I’m a husband. When I went home during this pandemic, I was always worried about my family, too,” said Dr. Sharma.

A second shot of hope is ready to go.

FedEx has started packaging and loading Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine so it can be shipped tomorrow. The FDA approved the vaccine for emergency use last night.

Pharmaceutical distributor McKesson is helping keep the 5.9 million cans cold as they move to hospitals and vendors. A third coronavirus vaccine is now just around the corner.

Johnson and Johnson should know if the vaccine is effective early next month. The company stated that it had registered around 45,000 participants for the first late phase. This vaccine only takes one dose.

Week 2 vaccine distribution list for Moderna

  • Christ Spohn Health System Beeville – 200
  • HEB Pharmacy 412 100 E Houston St Beeville – 100
  • South TX Family Planning and Health Corp in Beeville – 100th
  • San Diego Pharmacy – 100
  • Christ Spohn Health System Alice – 200
  • HEB Pharmacy 223 1115 E Main St Alice – 100
  • Christ Spohn Health System Kleberg – 200
  • HEB Pharmacy 401 409 E Kleberg Kingsville -100
  • Amistad Community Health Center Corpus Christi – 1,300
  • Christ Spohn Health System Corpus Christi – 800
  • Corpus Christi fire brigade – 600
  • Corpus Christi Medical Associates – 500
  • Corpus Christi Nueces County Public Health District -100
  • Driscoll Health System – 1,000
  • HEB-Apotheke 139 5801 Weber Rd Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 184 11158 Leopard St Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 210 4320 S Alameda St Corpus Christi – 100
  • HEB pharmacy 253 3500 Leopard St Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 270 5425 S Padre Island Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 413 3133 South Alameda Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 462 3033 S Port Ave Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 57 1145 Waldron Rd Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 643 4444 Kostoryz Rd Corpus Christi -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 69 5313 Saratoga Blvd Corpus Christi -100
  • South TX Family Planning and Health Corp – 500
  • HEB Pharmacy 333 101 E Goodnight Ave Aransas Pass -100
  • HEB Pharmacy 488 1600 Wildcat Dr. Portland -100

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