Navy sailors who stopped NAS Corpus Christi Shooter have been awarded

Yaisa Coburn, U.S. Armorer 2nd Class, was standing at the entrance to the Corpus Christi of Naval Air Station when she was shot dead.

On the morning of May 21, a man identified as 20-year-old Adam Alsahli opened fire in what federal officials described as an act of terrorism. Authorities said he acted alone.

Coburn, who was shot in the stomach, was protected by her vest and was quick to respond to the man’s shots.

She put in the final no-go barrier and hired the shooter, U.S. Navy officials said. Armorer 3rd Class Levi Milligan moved away from the guard hut and also hired the shooter.

Stuart Levitt, an officer with the Corpus Christi Police Department at Naval Air Station, also responded to the scene and exchanged shots with the gunner. He secured the scene and found an improvised explosive device in the passenger seat of the shooter’s car, officials said.

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On Thursday morning, Coburn, Milligan and Levitt received twelve awards for their efforts to secure the naval base that spring day.

Gregory Slavonic, Assistant Secretary of State for the Navy, presented Coburn and Milligan with Navy and Marine Corps Medals. Levitt received the Distinguished Civilian Medal for Valor and others who participated received the Navy Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medal that day.

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Slavonic thanked local and federal law enforcement agencies who helped investigate the incident.

“The swift and determined actions of these security personnel and their courage under fire have ensured no loss of life among the 10,000 employees who work and live on board this facility,” said Slavonic. “The surprise attack could have been more deadly, but the individuals who received these awards today have used their training and responded quickly and exceptionally to thwart any shameful intentions of the intruder.”

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