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(CNN) – McLaren revealed the Artura on Tuesday, a new hybrid supercar in relative terms much cheaper than the British company’s previous hybrid models.

McLaren’s other hybrid cars were limited-production hypercars, such as the $ 2 million Speedtail and the $ 1 million P1. Priced at $ 225,000 in the US, the Artura is the first of McLaren’s relatively popular hybrid supercars.

So far, McLaren’s more accessible entry-level models like the 720S and 570GT have been powered by V8 turbo engines. Instead, the Artura has a turbocharged V6 with an output of 577 hp. An electric motor supplies the rest of the car’s 671 hp.

The Artura, which will go into production in the fall, is a plug-in hybrid. It can function like other hybrid cars, storing energy from engine and braking, but it can also be plugged in for charging. With fully charged batteries, the Artura can travel up to 30 km on electricity alone before the car’s petrol engine has to be switched on. According to McLaren, the gasoline engine and electric motor can accelerate from a stop to 60 mph in three seconds.

Computer chips are embedded in the Artura’s Pirelli tires, which can pass on information such as tire pressure and temperature. Because the sensors are located in the tires themselves, information about tire pressure is more accurate and immediate than with other monitoring systems. When driving on a racetrack, the driver can be notified when the tire temperature has reached the ideal level for maximum grip and when the tires need to cool down. A driver can also be warned if the car exceeds the maximum speed of the tires. This is the first time Pirelli’s Cyber ​​Tires are offered as standard equipment on a car.

The Artura has an eight-speed automatic transmission without reverse gear. When the driver shifts into reverse, the electric motor simply rotates backwards to move the car. While driving, the electric motor delivers power for smoother acceleration even when shifting gears.

McLaren previously unveiled the fundamental technology that underlies this car and will form the basis for future McLaren supercars for the next few years. By about 2025, the company plans that most of its models will be hybrids.

With the Artura, the engineers put even more emphasis on weight reduction than usual in order to compensate for the additional mass of the heavy lithium batteries. For example, the V6 in the Artura weighs 110 pounds less than the V8s used in other McLaren sports cars. Overall the Artura weighs about 3,300 pounds, which is slightly more than one of McLaren’s non-hybrid sports cars like the 720S

McLaren is offering a hybrid among its regular production models and is joining Ferrari, which is offering the SF90 Stradale, a 986 hp hybrid with a starting price of around $ 500,000. Lamborghini, another McLaren competitor, has not announced any plans for a regular production hybrid supercar.

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