Impact of Pfizer Vaccine News on Corpus Christi

With a new age group expected to qualify for the vaccine soon, the health district is considering further distribution plans.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, by now you know the names. Vaccines that have become a glimmer of hope in the ongoing fight against COVID -19.

Pfizer announced on Wednesday that its vaccine is effective and safe for children ages 12 and older. Annette Rodriguez, the district’s public health director, says this is good news and will help slow the spread of the virus in children.

“We have seen fewer than 2,000 children with COVID-19 in our community, but after a year of the virus spreading, you are seeing more children getting the virus,” Rodriguez said.

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Rodriguez says we’re seeing a trend similar to H1N1 right now. The virus shifted from what is currently the most vulnerable population group to children.

“So that’s the same kind of trend that we’re seeing now, now that it’s going into the younger population groups, not so much into the 65s and older, now it’s more 20s to 50s, then you see these little ones too Children’s bags. Rodriguez said.

With a new age group expected to be eligible for the vaccine soon, the health district is considering further distribution plans.

“So there will be other venues that we can open, which is exciting because we all know again that the goal is to reach 75, 80 percent of the immunity community and the only way we’re going to do is with all of our children too, ”said Rodriguez.

According to Rodriguez, vaccines in schools could be an option, and pediatricians will also play a big role.

“Many of them thank god signed up as providers to get vaccines straight away, and some parents don’t want their children to be vaccinated in school, but they are comfortable with their pediatrician’s vaccination,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also says she’d love to see kids under the age of 12 get the shot too soon.

“We really need this whole community vaccinated, not just 12 and until we all need children, even from an early age. We do a lot of vaccinations from 6 months. We have to get everyone vaccinated,” said Rodriguez.

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