Immigrants trying to come to Corpus Christi

The sheriff added that he had heard of the plan for weeks and what would happen to these immigrants when they got here.

NUECES COUNTY, Texas – The increase in immigrants crossing the border from Mexico into our state was a well-known crisis situation. The Biden government has been trying to find ways to deal with all immigrants. Some have received bus tickets or plane tickets to all points in the north.

Nueces County Sheriff John Hooper said border guards were trying to find a way to send some of these immigrants to Kleberg and Nueces Counties. The border police wanted to use the department’s 50-person prisoner transport bus to accomplish this.

“He asked if we would help him get illegal immigrants out of the border area into Kleberg and into the Corpus Christi area, Nueces County, and I advised the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t help with that. ā€¯Sheriff Hooper said.

The sheriff added that he had heard about the plan for weeks and what would happen to these immigrants when they got here.

“We had information two weeks earlier that there was a good and high probability that Border Patrol would be transported to Corpus Christi and dropped off in front of social services, state and non-state social services,” said Sheriff Hooper.

Some of these social institutions could be places like Catholic charities that have helped thousands of immigrants in the Rio Grande area.

Well, Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez said the Border Patrol also asked him if he had a bus for the immigrants, but the sheriff said he told them he only had a van and the department was using it constantly.

“They’ve been trying to get them in vans and drop them off at the local Valero store or Stripes for a while, and it’s not a bus depot, the bus stops there, but the bus I’m thinking of is already full because you are already from the valley, “said Martinez. “You could see about 100 people just filtering around.”

The sheriff tells 3News that he told border guards that this was not a good idea. He pointed out that Falfurrias is a small town and they don’t have the resources to deal with it.

We contacted Border Patrol for an interview on the matter and officials denied our request.

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