IDEA Charter Schools come to Corpus Christi in 2022

The largest network of charter schools in Texas will open four schools in Corpus Christi in 2022.

IDEA Public Schools has 91 schools with 50,000 students in Texas and five schools with 3,000 students in Louisiana.

The new schools in Corpus Christi will consist of two locations, each with an “academy” for preschool through fifth grade and “college prep” for grades 6 through 12, said spokeswoman Jennifer Flores.

Each new campus will open with either preschool through first and sixth grades or kindergarten through second and sixth grades, Flores said. A new grade level is added each year until it becomes a fully scaled Pre-K to 12 campus.

A teacher leads a class at IDEA Edgemere Charter School in El Paso in 2018.  IDEA Public Schools, the largest network of charter schools in Texas, will open four schools in Corpus Christi in 2022.

The charter network made national headlines in December after its board of directors approved a $ 15 million private jet lease, a decision that was later reversed. The network had also been scrutinized for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on San Antonio Spurs tickets.

IDEA Public Schools targeted the Corpus Christi area “because of the wide variation in educational opportunities,” according to a press release.

Less than 11% of Nueces County’s economically disadvantaged students graduate from college – less than half the Texas state average. Ten percent of Corpus Christi students passed an AP or IB exam in 2018-19, which is half the Texas average, according to the Texas Education Agency. IDEA High Schools have an AP for All program that gives all students the opportunity to take AP courses, making students ready for college, the press release said.

At IDEA, nearly three-quarters of students have passed an AP or IB exam, and more than half of the youngest cohort have graduated from college.

Joan Alvarez, executive director of IDEA Coastal Bend, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi and was named Corpus Christi ISD Teacher of the Year in 2007, the press release said.

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