I wish you a happy Halloween at these events.

While the coronavirus pandemic continues, the city of Corpus Christi has made a list of pros and cons for residents on how to be safe on Halloween.

The city announced in a press release that the holidays could increase the risk of the virus spreading.

“This time of year is loved by many and the Corpus Christi – Nueces County Public Health District believes it is important to adapt our current traditions to keep everyone safe,” the news release said. “We encourage you to create new Halloween activities at home with your family, like a movie night, a spooky candy hunt, or even a haunted house.”

The press release states that anyone who hosts or attends Halloween festivals should continue to follow safety guidelines and practice the 3 W’s of public health: wear a mask; Keep your distance and wash your hands often.

The full list of Halloween safety recommendations is available online at www.cctexas.com/halloween2020.

Halloween do’s and don’ts

A trick-or-treater runs down the sidewalk after collecting candy on Del Mar Boulevard in Corpus Christi on Thursday October 31, 2013


  • Find creative ways to contactlessly hand out treats
  • Create goodie bags, trash grabbers or PVC pipe extensions to distribute goodies
  • Create social distancing visual decorations to aid social distancing
  • Create activities outside of air circulation
  • Wipe the doorbell after each use
  • Make sure you evaluate the risk of going out
  • Wear the appropriate mask when you want to go out
  • Always stay 6 feet away from others
  • Find alternative ways to celebrate


  • Don’t hand out treats directly
  • Don’t let large groups of people gather outside
  • Don’t hand out candy / treats if you or anyone in your household is sick, quarantined, or isolated
  • Don’t hand out homemade goodies
  • Don’t throw a party
  • Don’t go out in large groups (go in small groups) if you decide to go out
  • Don’t walk towards a crowded house (wait for the crowd to clear).
  • Do trick or treating when you are sick, quarantined, or isolated (stay home and find creative ways to do your household like a scary candy hunt).

Source: City of Corpus Christi


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