HEB sales location could come to Corpus Christi

This makes South Texas less dependent on North and Central Texas for shipping groceries here during catastrophic weather events.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales writes a letter to HEB corporate headquarters asking for a distribution center to be established here in Corpus Christi. This after our grocery shelves were stripped of many basic needs during our ice storm event.

Our supermarket shelves were exposed during the storm. People bought up all of their groceries because most of the Texas roads were icy and trucks couldn’t deliver water and other essential groceries.

Judge Canales said the HEB bakery warehouse distribution complex on McCampbell Road in Corpus Christi continued to produce bread items. She hopes to convince the company to open another distribution center here, focusing on the groceries we haven’t found on our shelves in the past week.

“We actually had our HEB on Agnes, which was the only bread-making HEB that was operational,” Canales said. “I believe in the region and so they had a generator and pumped the hot bread out, which was great, but in general we need, and I’ve already talked about, a little mini distribution center here. We can’t be in the region always the same situation. “

The judge will send a letter to HEB corporate headquarters asking for a distribution center to be set up for the region. This way, South Texas does not completely depend on North and Central Texas to ship groceries here during these catastrophic weather events that are becoming increasingly common.

“We have a food problem here,” Canales said. “Food insecurity is a big problem for our people in South Texas. We have a food desert because there is no access to quality food in many areas, and I think if our project is presented in April it will be a good argument to one HEB, to explain why it is absolutely necessary to do exactly that in order to set up a small distribution center here. “

The judge said the county worked with the hospital district to gather the facts and figures to back up their request to HEB. The county is also trying to ensure that it has the supplies it needs to cope with the next hurricane or ice storm.

“We learned from dialysis centers to large hospitals. They needed equipment, pumps and portable watercraft,” Canales said. “There was a tremendous need for infrastructure, and I am proud that the county has been at the forefront of coordinating all of these efforts. We have worked around the clock to ensure that water is available to these healthcare providers.”

Judge Canales said she wanted to make sure that our area does not go back to being without the basic necessities of life. She hopes that her efforts will pay off and that after the next disaster we will have things like milk and water available.

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