Grocery bank giveaway in Corpus Christi

The food bank said it plans to do three mass distributions next week.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Several Coastal Bend residents waited for their turn to receive a full meal from the Coastal Bend Food Bank.

“We’re just trying to do what we can to spread things as widely as possible. This is a situation right now for food banks across the state of Texas. We’re just dealing with unprecedented demand, but we’re going to do what.” we can, “said Robert Morales of the Food Bank.

Just over 1,000 families now have fresh groceries in their pantries. The organizers said that huge distributions like this couldn’t function smoothly without their backbone: volunteers.

“If we have enough volunteers for a distribution, our distribution can be a lot smoother. When we have fewer volunteers, it takes a little longer. You see a little more of a bunch of vehicles,” Micaela Stewart told the food bank.

She said that when volunteers show up, many of our neighbors get food.

“We’re not a big food bank. We don’t have a large workforce. We have more than 40 employees, but the volunteers help us keep our work going,” he said.

The food bank said it plans to do three mass distributions next week. With more convenient decks, more people can get their meals quickly. Stewart said as long as you are six teens and older you can help!

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