Good facility of the good Samaritan in Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi Planning Commission decided to convert the former Motel Red Roof Inn near I-37 and Nueces Bay Boulevard into the new home for Good Sam.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Good Samaritan rescue mission in Corpus Christi was in dire need of a new facility. They have long outgrown their current location.

Finally, they hoped to move into the old Lamar Elementary School building, but the neighbors were against it. Now, however, they are on the verge of finding a new permanent home.

“Finally,” said Carole Murphrey, CEO of Good Sam. “Finally. It took a long time.”

Murphrey welcomed the Corpus Christi Planning Commission’s decision on Wednesday evening to transform the former Motel Red Roof Inn near I-37 and Nueces Bay Boulevard into the new home for Good Sam.

“I believe this is the place the Lord provided for us because we really needed a neighborhood buffer so people couldn’t really hang out around us, and it will be safe,” Murphrey said.

This is the Good Sam’s second attempt at relocating to newer and better facilities in recent years. In January 2020, their hopes of moving to the old Lamar Elementary School were dashed after neighbors complained about the possible increase in homeless people in their area. Murphrey said this new facility was a new beginning.

“We feel like it’s probably the best place in town,” said Murphrey. “We’re going to put everything we do on the ground. I have a construction team here, so we’re modifying things where they fit the Good Samaritan.”

Now Good Sam is just waiting for the city council to approve the move.

Murphrey said the facility was virtually complete, with only a few minor improvements and room rearrangements to accommodate more than 150 residents and staff.

“It’s three stories, it has 87 large rooms,” said Murphrey. “They also bought everything in the building. From the shampoo to the beds to the chairs in the lobby. They bought everything they had.”

There are also plans to build a large kitchen and dining room as well as a resale shop. As Murphrey put it, it is a gift that residents will appreciate.

Murphrey said her prayer now is that everyone in the mostly business district of the old Red Rood Inn will welcome her. If everything goes as planned, the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission will open its new doors in time for Thanksgiving.

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