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LOS ANGELES (AP) – A giraffe died at the Los Angeles Zoo after undergoing a procedure to deliver its stillborn calf, the zoo said Tuesday.

Hasina, a 12-year-old Maasai giraffe, died unexpectedly Monday night after a team of 30 zoo workers removed the full-born stillborn calf in a five-hour procedure that morning, the zoo said.

The zoo did not immediately disclose a cause of death to Hasina, but said the procedure was complicated by the length of her anesthesia and the calf’s abnormal locking position.

“Hasina has recovered from anesthesia and was fine, but unfortunately she passed away last night,” the zoo said in a statement.

“Hasina was a healthy giraffe in its prime, so we hoped she would survive,” said Dominique Keller, the zoo’s chief veterinarian and director of animal health and wellness.

“Hasina stood alone after the procedure, which is a positive sign, but in the end she may have been too weak,” said Keller.

Hasina was the mother of five other calves. She came to Los Angeles from the San Diego Zoo in 2010.

The zoo has four other giraffes: Phillip, Zainabu, Sofie and James.

Maasai giraffes are the largest subspecies of the giraffe. They can be up to 5.2 meters high and weigh 1,224.7 kilograms. Giraffes are classified as an endangered species due to habitat loss, illegal hunting, and disease, according to the zoo.

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