Former Corpus Christi Mayor Dan McQueen speaks at a press conference on December 18, 2016.  McQueen, who resigned as mayor after 37 days, is now running for the US Senate in Missouri.

Former Corpus Christi Mayor Dan McQueen speaks at a press conference on December 18, 2016. McQueen, who resigned as mayor after 37 days, is now running for the US Senate in Missouri.

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A former Texas mayor, whose tenure lasted just 37 days, appears to be running for the US Senate in Missouri.

Dan McQueen became mayor of Corpus Christi in December 2016. A little over a month later, he resigned after being accused of misrepresenting his educational credentials and hiding a romantic relationship with a top aide.

McQueen briefly fought for the seat of Texas Democratic MP Joaquin Castro in 2020, but dropped out before the Republican primary. Castro won re-election in the democratic district with more than 30 points.

The same campaign committee, McQueen for Congress, filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday that he intended to seek the seat of the open US Senate in Missouri as a Republican.

Two addresses were used in the filing on Monday, one for a PO box in Jefferson City and one for a banquet room in Corpus Christi owned by McQueen. The document was signed by Eldon Dan McQueen, the full legal name of the former Texas Mayor.

McQueen reached a phone number in Texas and initially declined to confirm that he was running in Missouri.

Forty minutes later, he texted The Star from the Missouri phone number he called the “campaign phone”. He described himself as recently retired and promised future news, but didn’t answer more specific questions related to his plans to run in Missouri.

“Stand by,” he said.

McQueen’s brief tenure as mayor of Corpus Christi was marked by a controversial relationship with the media and the city council.

“He was dictatorial and tenacious with fellow councilors regardless of their efforts to discharge their commitment to keep voters informed,” wrote the Corpus Christi Caller-Times in an editorial on McQueen’s brief tenure.

The editorial looked at McQueen’s handling of a water crisis and his decision to skip the city’s annual address, where mayors usually set their agenda. McQueen has also been criticized for turning down interviews for answering questions and instead waging war on his critics via social media.

McQueen published a memoir entitled “37-Day Mayor: Truth – False News – America’s Future” a year after his resignation. The biography on the Amazon page of the book advertises McQueen’s status as a veteran of the Navy combat who served in the First Gulf War.

McQueen joins the GOP main race for the successful resignation of Republican Senator Roy Blunt and competes against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens at media and lawmakers.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is also seeking nomination. More attendees are expected as several members of the state’s congressional delegation weigh the runs.

A timeline from Texas Monthly shows how a number of damaging accounts of McQueen’s professional and personal life preceded his sudden resignation.

As a candidate, McQueen had touted a degree in electrical engineering from Florida State University. However, NBC subsidiary KRS-TV reported that the university had no record of anyone with McQueen’s name and date of birth who had achieved this degree.

Days later, the broadcaster reported that McQueen had been sued by a San Antonio mall for breaking a karate school lease and still owed a $ 25,000 lien, a bad look for a candidate who was on based on his business acumen.

That same week, the broadcaster also reported that McQueen had shared the same address with his chief of staff until shortly before he took office.

McQueen’s estranged son and former campaign treasurer alleged the couple were romantically involved, raising concerns that he violated a rule prohibiting city officials from hiring domestic partners without disclosing the relationship and seeking approval from the city administrator.

The broadcaster also discovered a Kickstarter video McQueen produced in 2012 in support of a proposed documentary designed to discourage people from giving money to certain homeless people.

“Watch them learn the streets. Drink – a dull smoke of drugs on the city streets just outside City Hall, ”McQueen said in the video of doing a karate chop, according to the Texas Tribune.

Star’s Jeanne Kuang contributed to this report.

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