Home-bound seniors are waiting for the next round of vaccinations as part of the Corpus Christi program “Save Our Seniors”

Robert Rocha, fire chief at Corpus Christi, said a hotline will be set up in the near future through which senior citizens from home can call and secure a vaccine.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Corpus Christi ‘Save Our Seniors program was launched by the Corpus Christi Fire Department and is aimed at residents 65 and over who cannot leave their home, such as Linda Owen, a senior citizen in her home country, who attends Suffers from COPD.

“I don’t have transportation. I have a vendor that comes in, but she’s not allowed to drive me anywhere,” Owen said.

Owen said she couldn’t wait in long lines at mass vaccination clinics because she needed access to oxygen.

“I’m on an oxygen generator in my house that’s available 24/7 and I have a smaller one that lasts about two hours,” Owen said. “That’s when I’m just sitting and needing more oxygen.”

CCFD chief Robert Rocha said residents like Owen would not be forgotten. The way they can reach citizens is through city programs like Meals on Wheels. For those who do not participate in one of these city programs, but still qualify for the SOS program, a hotline will be set up in the near future and secure a place, according to Rocha.

“We’ll get back to you, but we need to complete the second dose of the Meals On Wheels and Seniors we first vaccinated, and we will hopefully start at the beginning of the second round of vaccinations next week,” Rocha said.

Rocha asked the community for patience as the SOS program hotline will not open until vaccines need to be dispensed. Rocha also reminds residents that this program is for those who absolutely cannot leave their home to get their vaccine.

“This is not a program for people to call and get vaccinated,” Rocha said. “If you do not meet these criteria, we will be very vigilant and very respectful of our seniors. We hope to be able to take reservations for the SOS program by the end of this week.”

As soon as vaccines are available for the SOS program, the hotline will be opened and residents of the home country can make an appointment. Rocha said this could happen as early as the end of this week and into next week.

The Save Our Seniors hotline is 1-888-728-0018.

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