How to Find a Vaccine Supplier in Corpus Christi

According to Health Director Annette Rodriguez, residents can search the city’s website for a vaccine supplier in their area.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – All 4,000 doses of the COVID-19 moderna vaccine were distributed in the bend of the coast.

“We have delivered more than 4,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, to our most vulnerable neighbors in the past 48 hours,” said Barbara Canales, a judge for Nueces County.

What was planned as a four-day operation is now completed in just two days.

As of Monday, Coastal Bend residents were able to receive these COVID-19 vaccines.

1,964 vaccines were distributed over a seven-hour period, and the remaining vaccines were officially cleared from the public health district on Tuesday.

“With 2,036 vaccines available and starting at 8:00 am, we had about 800 delivered by 10:00 am,” Canales said.

City officials want to plan another trip through the vaccination clinic as soon as possible, but more vaccines are needed from the state.

Health Director Annette Rodriguez says don’t just wait for vaccines to arrive at the health department. Instead, check the city’s website to find a vaccine supplier in your area.

“You can actually see how many vaccines have been assigned to a particular site, such as HEB, and how many vaccines they have left,” Rodriguez said.

As the county waits for more vaccines, health officials are reminding residents across South Texas that this is not the time to protect us from COVID-19 as hospital stays in Nueces County continue to increase.

“In the last two weeks we went from 175 hospital stays to 186 hospital stays yesterday, to 190 hospital stays, so the numbers keep increasing,” said Rodriguez.

Not only are hospital stays increasing, but so are the death toll.

So if you look at the last week from 12/30/2020 to January 6, 2021, we had a total of 20 deaths in Nueces County from COVID-19 only, and last week we had a total of 26 COVID-19 Deaths, “said Rodriguez.

For those who received the vaccine this week, Canales says they will build antibodies over the next 30 days before returning to the second dose.

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