Desalination plant in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The city is ready to spend $ 11 million on the initial phase of the project. Right now this means working with an engineering firm to get the permits required by the state to build a facility.

The city is still working to make its desalination plant a reality, and if everything goes as planned, it could start pumping out water by 2024.

The $ 11 million will also be used for some engineering of the facility and the cost of purchasing the land to build the facility. It is estimated that the desalination project will cost between $ 150 million and $ 220 million.

“If it gets up to $ 220 million, it could impact the right couple, who are a family of five consuming a surplus of 3,000 gallons a month and their water bills potentially another 10 or 15 US dollar is rising, “said the city council Roland Barrera with the city of Corpus Christi said.

Councilor Barrera believes the project will be closer to that $ 150 million mark and would have no impact on interest payers.

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