Country singer Jonathan Ren

Have you ever dreamed of appearing in a music video? This weekend is your chance to make your comrade debut at Corpus Christi.

Country singer Jonathan Len, known for hits like “Your All I Need” and “You Will Never Leave My Mind,” said “A. Shoot the latest music video for Woman Like That. Beach.

The singer is looking for an extra for Corpus Christi of all ages to attend a music video on Saturdays at 11 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.

Actors are advised to dress casually for the video, wear face masks, and follow beach restaurant COVID-19 guidelines. Officials said the release form had to be signed that day.

Ren, from Paducah, Kentucky, said he chose Corpus Christi as the filming location for his beach-themed music video because it is a landscape and has connections with several people in winter in Texas.

“I came to Corpus Christi a few months ago and a couple of best friends recommended the best place to go in town to play,” said Ren. “I remember coming by and falling in love with the landscape and the people. I’ve always played on Coastal Bend in multiple locations.

“When it came time to find a place to shoot a new music video, we knew Corpus Christi was the perfect place to do it.”

Lens song “A Woman Like That”, which she plans to shoot on Saturday, shows a single man who praises a woman in a romantic relationship and dreams of finding a partner like her.

This single is one of 10 songs on his debut album “Jonathan Ren”.

“This is a hilarious song that hopes that a special woman, like the woman he longs for, will happily fall in love on the beach,” Len said. “When it comes to music videos, do as much in the background as possible. I want to add an extra for this song. This song is played at the venue at night. ”

The viewers of the music video on Saturday are looking forward to their YouTube debut in mid-March, according to Ren. For the latest information on when and where music videos will be available, please visit: Or visit the singer’s Facebook or Instagram page.

When you go

What: Music video “A woman like that”

when: Saturday, January 16, 11 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.

Where: Fajitaville, 221 S. North Beach Hotel Place

What do you need: Wear face covering and dress casually on the beach. More information about the event ..

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