Corpus Christi city workers will unload cases of water to be distributed to residents of the Corpus Christi Natatorium on Friday, February 19, 2021.

The city of Corpus Christi lifted its water purification order early Saturday after restoring its water quality.

Corpus Christi Water Utility customers in Corpus Christi, Calallen, Flour Bluff and Padre Island no longer need to boil water for consumption.

Water customers in the greater Port Aransas and Mustang Island area are still under active boiling water orders as they are water customers of Nueces Water Control and Improvement District No. 4 rather than the city of Corpus Christi water company, a press release said.

When water customers need to clarify who their water supplier is, they should refer to their water bill.

Corpus Christi was the first major city in Texas to break their cooking order after the storm, city administrator Peter Zanoni said. More than 800 water districts across the state also issued cooking announcements.

The residents do not have to run their taps or change their water filters, said Zanoni.

“There was never any sign of contamination in our water system and it was never hit by a major major break,” said Zanoni.

Boil Corpus Christi water:Low water pressure probably not caused by major rupture

The city issued the order Tuesday morning after the water pressure in its system dropped, likely due to broken water pipes on individual properties and numerous residents leaking their faucets to keep the pipes from freezing. The officials initially suspected that a larger main water gap led to a pressure loss.

The blackout across the city further made identification, repair and recovery difficult, according to a press release.

Six other public water systems that serve smaller populations had their cooking jobs canceled before Corpus Christi, Zanoni said.

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