Corpus Christi wants its own river walk - only this one will have a worthy twist from Walt Disney: The team behind the project has ties to the mouse

A prominent lawyer wants to establish a premier entertainment destination in Corpus Christi. He dreams big – San Antonio River Walk, Pike Place, Ghirardelli Square – big.

The company proposed by Attorney Greg Perkes, currently known as SEAtown, is the first offering for a prime location in the city’s sports, entertainment and arts districts. Corpus Christi will tear down the harbor bridge in 2020 and make room for something new. The area consists of around 45 hectares of public land.

The project consists of five phases, the first of which will last six months and will start this year. Construction of SEAtown would not start until around 2022.

Perkes, a former judge in Texas’ 13th Court of Appeal, has proposed a “major new urban culture and entertainment center in Corpus Christi” with an evolving mix of sports, retail, dining, entertainment and the arts. It fits in with the sports, entertainment and arts districts, he notes.

He and his business partners “are really looking for something unique”. His company PerkesWorks! partnered with three others to bring their vision to life.

IDEAS Media & Experience Design, which was launched in 2001 through a management buyout from the Walt Disney Company, deals with “storytelling”. Integrated Insight takes care of the market analysis. And Exline Design is in charge of the architecture.

The group is inspired by the multitude of “entertainment destinations around the world,” Perkes told PaperCity. There is one notable example in the state of Texas alone, “but we are not trying to copy the River Walk in San Antonio,” he points out.

While the project will be the first of its kind in Corpus Christi, it will be heavily linked to the coastal city’s past. “We want this nugget of history. We want the destination to be linked to the port and the natural history of the region, ”says Perkes.

“When most people think of the San Antonio River Walk, they think of the Alamo. When people think of SEAtown, Perkes wants them to think of Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda, who discovered and named the bay.

Corpus Christi River Walk Future

Perkes had thought about such a project for years. The distance to the bridge is random. He remembers walking under it and thinking, “What should be up there? What makes sense “

SEAtown is certainly an option – but it’s only the first. “I think it’s a great idea for the city,” Corpus Christi City Council member Ben Molina told PaperCity. But he’s not ready to sign out yet. “I look forward to seeing more land use proposals once the bridge is gone. I don’t want to set limits on anyone, ”he adds.

Councilor Carolyn Vaughn is less interested in the project for the time being. Their primary concern is Perkes’ request for $ 100,000 to conduct a development planning process with the SEA district. The costs would be divided equally between three public bodies, the city, the district and the regional transport authority. The study would measure public interest and determine how much money is available for the project.

“It’s a private company,” Vaughn told PaperCity. “It’s tax money. It is not fair to the rest of the citizens. If you are unwilling to put your own money into the project and have confidence in it, why should others invest in something you don’t want to invest in? “

Perkes remains confident. In conversation with locals, he found the answer “100 percent positive, absolutely positive”.

Corpus Christi draws nine million visitors annually – and tourism is vital to the city. This project revolves around the idea of ​​making it even more of a goal.