Corpus Christi Uptown murder victim identified

The man whose body was found in Uptown on Tuesday has been identified.

Rene Antonio Villarreal, 45, had visible trauma to the left side of his head, according to a probable cause statement received from Caller-Times.

The cause of death is still being investigated, said Hugo Stimmler, a forensic investigator with the Nueces County’s medical examiner’s office.

Crime scene tape

Villarreal was found undercover after officials on the streets of Waco and Leopard answered to call a man early Tuesday morning.

A guard at the bus station on Staples Street told police that the crime took place near the bus station. The security guard told police he saw a man in black sweatpants and a gray training shirt pull a body, the document said.

Marvin Tatum, 35, known to be homeless, was arrested in a supermarket near the bus station on suspicion of murder and tampering with evidence.

“It should be noted that when Tatum led Tatum out of the (Criminal Investigation) offices, he made a statement without questioning saying what because I kicked this guy on the side of the road,” it said the document.

Criminal records show Tatum has a long history with law enforcement agencies.

Marvin Tatum

In 2008, Tatum was sentenced to seven years in prison for reprisals. He was released in 2015, according to Nueces County Court records.

In 2017 he was arrested on suspicion of breaking into an apartment. Online records show that fees have been “abandoned”. In March 2019, he was arrested on suspicion of criminal offenses.

Records show that he was in custody in the case.

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