Corpus Christi, affectionately known as Sparkling City by the Sea, is one of the most beautiful seaside locations in Texas.

Thanks to the subtropical climate of Corpus Christi, the summers are long and hot here and the winters are lively. This makes it the perfect destination for most of the year to enjoy a vacation without leaving the states.

If you’re looking to take a break and head to Corpus Christi, here are some of the must-see attractions to watch out for.

Swim with the fish

If you’ve made the most of the plethora of virtual museum tours that have sprung up recently, you’re probably ready for a tour of something a little more practical. In addition to traditional admission tickets, the Texas State Aquarium offers some special encounters that allow you to get even closer to the marine animals and fish on display. One of the most breathtaking encounters is feeding the fish. Groups of no more than six are invited behind the scenes of the aquarium to learn more about the care of these aquatic animals. During the visit, you will be invited to feed endangered and beautiful species. For those who don’t feel the need to indulge in the feeding, a standard ticket gives access to all of the most exciting exhibits. At the Texas State Aquarium, there is an emphasis on protecting, especially species native to the Gulf Coast. Hence, it is both an educational and a useful trip on the plan.

Unleash your Inner Poker Pro

Robstown is just a few miles from Corpus Christi. While not necessarily worth a stop, it is known as the birthplace of Texas Hold’em poker. Unfortunately Robstown does not have a casino. So if you want to play the game as close as possible to where it was first invented, Corpus Christi is your best bet! Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Texas Holdem rules and then let go of your skills at Lucky Stars Casino. This casino is one of the few in town with poker tables that regularly host tournaments. So if you feel your skills are up to par, get involved. For those who are a little less confident in the card game, there are plenty of slot machines out there that are easy to play for any skill.

Sniff the Selena Museum

For those who like their tourist destinations a little crazier, the Selena Museum is the answer to your prayers. This museum is entirely dedicated to the singer Selena Quintanilla. This museum has all kinds of Selena memorabilia, including tour t-shirts, badges, and ticket stubs, but it also has some priceless collectibles, including famous stage outfits and awards. Selena was incredibly famous for her daring wardrobe and as such there is an entire room dedicated to her. Mannequins stand in glass cases and wear Selena’s most iconic look. Further in the museum are Selena’s famous red Ferrari and larger-than-life pictures of the star. With only $ 3 admission, even if you’re not a Selena fan, this museum is well worth a visit for the size of the collection and the incredible dedication of its fans.

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