Corpus Christi Ship Channel South Jetty will be closed for weeks

For those looking to escape and hit the beach, there is one area in Nueces County to avoid.

According to a press release from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, portions of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel South Jetty off Aransas Pass will be closed for weeks to repair damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Closing is expected to begin April 12th and last through Memorial Day weekend (May 31st). The area of ​​the jetty that will close first extends from the beach towards the Gulf, said Lynda R. Yezzi-Valentine, public affairs director for the Corps Office in Galveston, across from South Jetty in Port Aransas.

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Belynda Kinman, operations manager for the Galveston District Navigation Department, stated in the press release that the goal is to complete the work before Memorial Day weekend begins. According to official figures, however, vacationers should be aware of the closure in case they plan to travel to the Corpus Christi and Port Aransas region over Memorial Day weekend.

“If the weather cooperates and we don’t run into unexpected delays, we hope to finish the work in time for the holiday weekend,” Kinman said in the press release.

USACE Galveston District will post regular updates on its social media websites to keep the public informed of the progress of work on South Jetty.

Once the work is completed, the contractor will lift the full-time closure. However, as further work begins on the onshore South Jetty, additional closings may occur if necessary.