Corpus Christi Port abruptly ends the leasing of Harbor Island by Lone Star Ports

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – It wasn’t expected and it took some by surprise. On Tuesday, Commissioners of the Port of Corpus Christi voted to end the Lone Star Ports lease.

The group was to set up a large loading facility on Harbor Island in the Port Aransas region. This terminal would have been used to load very large crude oil carriers or VLCCs with crude oil.

Some take this as a win, but have other questions.

“Was it a breach of contract?” asked James King, who is the president of Port Aransas Conservancy. “Is it over to Harbor Island? Are you looking for other ways to set up an export facility? So a lot of questions. A lot of communication in the back room that the public doesn’t hear, that the public needs to hear.”

Apart from the termination of the contract, there is no further information from the Commission. King said the commissioners were not transparent about the project from the start.

The Port Aransas Conservancy has been fighting the Lone Star Port lease for some time. They pinpoint the environmental impact it could have.

“It would severely disrupt the natural flow of the Bay System,” said King. “And then only industrialization, you know, which burns fumes here. Right across from our park, our city park.

I may think their source of funding never came about and the economy just isn’t there to build something that big. “

King said it could be a project for another area, but not Harbor Island.

“Industrialization needs to be focused on specific areas,” he said. “And don’t spread to all areas.”

The Mayor of Port Aransas will not comment until he learns more about why the measure has been taken. The President of the Port Commission was not available to comment.