Corpus Christi family celebrating Hanukkah not gathered this year due to COVID-19

Corpus Christi family celebrating Hanukkah not gathered this year due to COVID-19

Ashley Gonzalez


Thursday evening was the first day of Hanukkah. When the first of nine candles is lit, friends and family are usually there to celebrate.

The Corpus Christi family celebrates Hanukkah and is reducing the number of gatherings this year

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Enter COVID-19.

The Hanukkah celebrations had to be scaled back this year due to the pandemic.

Rikki Schmitchel and her husband say that they will spend this year’s Hanukkah alone in the house, because at the moment it is better that way and will take so long until the tradition can safely be continued.

“In normal times, we would have planned the family and grandchildren to make latkes, eat jelly-filled donuts. Some people do zoom meetings and make phone calls, and a family just does all three holidays, all the big holidays in total,” said Smhmitchel . “Passover, break the fast and you will have some food on a big day of each of these holidays.”

Rikki also said COVID-19 taught her to appreciate certain things like a little family time.

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