Corpus Christi bars continue to transform into restaurants

Corpus Christi bars have found a way to reopen and still meet a food and drink certificate.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – At a noon press conference, Texas Governor Greg Abbott didn’t crush words by shouting bars as spreaders.

“Bars are recognized nationwide as a COVID spread,” said Governor Abbott. “You are not allowed to open at this time.”

With a new exemption, many of these bars have found a way to reopen and still comply with a food and drink certificate.

Legal Assistant Bonnie Collier works for the law firm Lazarte. She’s been busy getting local bars back on track with an FB certificate for a month now.

“We’ll help them submit the complicated paperwork that – if approved – they’ll classify not just bars but restaurants as well,” said Collier.

“I’ve already approved seven of them. I have four of them waiting for a power of attorney letter. That’s the letter that will open them. And I have five who sit at TABC, but they haven’t been assigned a licensing agent until now.” . “

Some Corpus Christi bars simply shuddered and closed their doors, laid off hundreds of employees, and stopped the flow of income and tax revenue for the city and state.

“Sounds like it’s unfair for bars,” said Dr. Jim Lee, economics professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. “I’m sure most of the bars in the area would say this is unfair to us.”

Dr. Lee is preparing to publish a study on how our coastal bend economy has weathered the pandemic in recent months. He said when it comes to the impact on poles specifically, they are seriously affected.

FB certification could be a rescue for bars, which are among the hardest hit companies.

“It’s a good move for the bars that did it and I’m very excited about it,” said Dr. Lee.

On the other end of the spectrum, public health experts believe bars should hold out longer before reopening.

“Because we know from the last time the bars were open, you know we’ve had a lot of COVID-19 cases from the bars,” said Health Director Annette Rodriguez. “When the governor said the bars would not reopen at this point, it was a public health relief.”