Corpus Christi Airport opens Handypark on July 1st

The CCIA mobile phone slot offers drivers a place to wait for passengers to be picked up

A cell phone parking lot will open at Corpus Christi International Airport on July 1st, where arriving passengers can comfortably wait. As soon as the passengers have luggage in hand, they can call their journey. The car park is just seconds from passenger pick-up, so you don’t have to drive around the airport to wait for a plane to land and unload.

“Customers have asked for it,” said aviation director Kevin Smith. “And even if a long-term, permanent solution will come later, this will at least offer visitors an option for the currently very busy summer months.”

The airport plans to build an even larger cell phone lot in the next few years, Smith said.

“This is phase one of our cell phone raffle plan,” he said.

From July 1st, drivers driving to the terminal on International Drive will see a blue sign to the left of the parking garage. Park here and wait.

As soon as a call comes in to pick up a passenger, the drivers drive a few hundred meters north and return to the terminal. When the mobile phone parking lot is full, drivers can park the first 20 minutes in the short-term car park free of charge.

Additional parking improvements will be announced later this month. The airport recently installed foot pay machines in baggage claim and on the roadside to speed up the process of exiting the airport upon arrival. The new system is scheduled to go live this month. The current parking conditions and fees can be found on the airport website.

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