Construction work in progress on Del Mar Southside Corpus Christi

Construction of the new Del Mar College on Corpus Christi Southside is underway. The $ 139 million facility is slated for completion in 2022. Courtesy photo

By Suzanne Freeman

Construction of the new Del Mar College campus in Corpus Christi Southside began on December 2nd with a lot of fanfare and food. Current students celebrated the arrival of the school’s third campus – and the first new one in 60 years – by showcasing the achievements of the Del Mar Culinary, Architecture and Biotechnology course. The Veterans Memorial High School band and CCISD dance teams were in attendance, as was the Viking mascot.

“This is really an exciting day,” said Mark Escamilla, CEO of Del Mar. “While work on developing these ninety-six acres has already begun, the clock is now starting and running on a beautiful, shiny campus.”

The 249,500 square foot facilities will house centers of excellence in architecture and drawing technology, life sciences, and hospitality and culinary arts, all of which were on display at the event. Culinary students made appetizers and fruit-filled cakes, while architecture students showed handcrafted models and biotechnology students showed research posters about antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The campus at the intersection of Yorktown Boulevard and Rodd Field Road is slated to open in 2022 and also offers core courses for transfer students, dual loans, development education, workforce and continuing education programs. Funding for the $ 139 million project was approved by voters in a 2016 bond election. The Board of Directors of Del Mar College indicated the need for a facility on the south side.

“Today more than forty-one percent of our Del Mar students live in Southside zip codes. So we know we have growing needs now and in the future, ”said Carol Scott, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “All you have to do is look around to know that this area is booming. “

Work is currently underway on the infrastructure and the central plant (project 1). In project 2 the classrooms are being built. The final design, budget and contractor were approved in October.

The Southside Campus Project includes:

  • Central Facility (8,631 square feet) as part of the operation of physical facilities;
  • Hospitality and Culinary Institute (59,561 square feet) Housing state-of-the-art classrooms, including kitchen labs, a coffee shop and a restaurant / restaurant open to the public, to provide students with hands-on, hands-on learning experiences;
  • Main Building (80,437 square feet) Accommodation of the library, the student union, the meeting rooms and a coffee shop;
  • STEM building (100,915 square feet) Housing the Architecture / Drawing Technology program and the Biology, Biotechnology and Bioproduction programs with contemporary classrooms, laboratories and equipment, and other STEM-related programs, including engineering.

Enrollment is expected to reach 3,400 students in the first year. The campus is being built on the so-called “education corridor”. It is only 15 minutes from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi and 30 minutes from Texas A&M University in Kingsville.

“Our vision and planning was not just about the near future,” said Escamilla. “The new campus takes into account what Corpus Christi and the neighboring communities could need in a hundred or more years.”

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