Cellphone parking opened at Corpus Christi International Airport

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Visitors to Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA) will soon have a new option to wait for incoming passengers. On Thursday 1st July, CCIA will open the very first cell phone parking lot north of the main terminal and commercial parking lot.

A cell phone parking lot is an area dedicated to parking and waiting for arriving passengers. Once passengers land, collect their luggage, and head to the curb, they can call or text their driver to pick them up.

“This is phase one of our cell phone lot plan,” said Kevin Smith, director of aviation at CCIA. “Our intention is to build a new, bigger cell phone lot that will hold more vehicles in the next few years,” said Smith. “Customers have been asking for this, and while a longer-term, more permanent solution will come later, it gives visitors at least an option for the summer months, which are currently looking very busy,” said Smith.

There is little cost involved in converting this area into a cell phone lot. After opening on July 1st, drivers driving to the terminal on International Drive will see a blue sign on the left near the parking garage. When leaving the parking lot to pick up a waiting passenger, drivers can simply drive a few hundred meters north and take the U-turn back to the terminal. If the mobile phone parking lot is full, please remember that you can park for 20 minutes free of charge in the short-term car park.

Stay tuned for more CCIA parking improvements coming this month. By the end of June, CCIA will install “pay-to-foot” machines in baggage claim and on the roadside so that passengers can pay for parking before they even get into their vehicle. This speeds up leaving the parking lot.

For more information, media representatives can contact Kim Bridger-Hunt, Marketing Manager at CCIA, at 361-289-0171 ext 1290 or [email protected]