Celebrate Corpus Christi successes

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The City of Corpus Christi held an event at the Corpus Christi Art Center on Saturday celebrating City Administrator Peter Zanoni and the city’s accomplishments. The event did not take place last year due to the pandemic.

Residents gathered at the event, which had food trucks and alcoholic beverages, and were able to connect with city guides and people in their community.

“My favorite part of Corpus Christi is the church and all the people who work together,” said Lydia Nolen, a Corpus Christi resident.

Other residents said they were happy to be celebrating a city that remains united through thick and thin.

“What I like about Corpus Christi is that we are all there together. We stick together as a community and help each other in good times and bad, ”said Stephanie Jordan.

In attendance were city guides like Ben Molina, a member of Corpus Christi City Council for District 2. He said he hoped to be proactive about hurricane season and have multiple locations for citizens to pick up sandbags before hurricane season. He also said he was proud of the progress he made on the Cole Park Pier.

“Serving on the city council … I am allowed to really help my neighbors. One of the biggest things I talk about a lot right now is the Cole Park Pier, and that’s what I pushed forward. With the help of my colleagues in the Council, we expect it to open on September 1st, “said Molina.

City Administrator Peter Zanoni was celebrated at the event for his accomplishments as City Administrator of Corpus Christi over the past two years.

Zanoni praised the city’s two-fold credit boost in the two years he was city administrator and also celebrated the city’s first billion-dollar budget. He celebrated the city’s pothole program and trained more firefighters.

However, he said his greatest achievement was the number of people he hired.

“The best we’ve done, and what I told the council that we needed to focus on first, was to build a strong leadership team to rebuild the top 60 professionals. I have replaced or filled or brought in fifty percent of these processions, ”said Zanoni.

He said there is a new road director, a new human resources manager and a new airport management.

He said ten years from now he could see the city’s population grow and that would open up a wide range of job opportunities.

“We’re going to see an even more robust city focused on education and various professions. Right now we have heavy industry as the first choice, maybe for jobs, but alternative jobs, technology jobs, white-collar workers, ”said Zanoni.