CC Produce delivers to hospitals in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Corpus Christi Produce has stepped up yet again to help people at the Bend of the Coast during times of desperation.

CC Produce’s owner John Powell said they managed to get grocery deliveries to local hospitals and grocery stores as many people search for necessities across town.

The company said it made deliveries to HEB and the island market, as well as retirement homes and restaurants.

“In a time of need, it is your local businesses that get involved because we live here, work here, and take full care of this city,” said Powell.

Powell said the problems for the hospitals began when trucks from out of town were unable to deliver food to hospitals due to the bad weather that hit our area.

“The real heroes are people like Chef Arvy Dumbrys and Susanne von Spohn Shoreline, who care for patients and frontline staff with the help of CC products and source the products and proteins they need to keep our hospitals moving . “

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