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Catholics rejoice the feast of Corpus Christi

Catholics celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi

Catholics around the world expressed their faith with a special festival on Sunday.

It was all part of the feast of Corpus Christi, Latin for the body of Christ.

In Marquette, members of St. Peter’s Cathedral held a procession to celebrate the presence of the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ.

As part of the celebration, the congregation walked south from the steps of St. Peter’s Cathedral to Rock Street, then to 5th Street, and finally back to Baraga Avenue.

Every Sunday, Catholics everywhere celebrate the body and blood of Christ with Holy Communion.

However, Corpus Christi is a special day to show that Jesus walks with them in this and the next life, said Bishop John Doerfler of the Diocese of Marquette.

“It is an opportunity for us to thank God for the precious gift of his Son Jesus Christ to lead us to eternal life,” added Bishop Doerfler.

After the procession, the congregation returned to St. Peter’s Cathedral to bless the Blessed Sacrament.