CareWell Emergency Patients Affected Will Be Canceled 2nd Dose Of Vaccine - CBS Boston

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – CareWell Urgent Care clinics have informed some patients that appointments for their second COVID-19 vaccine will be postponed unless canceled outright.

“They told us they wouldn’t have second doses available,” said Judy Weinstock from Cambridge.

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She and her husband Doug Weinstock received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine last week – only to learn days later from their doctor that they couldn’t secure their second shots.

“They couldn’t guarantee because they didn’t have second doses in stock and didn’t know if DPH would give them more,” said Doug Weinstock.

Shaun Ginter, CEO of CareWell Urgent Care, published this statement, blaming the state for a shortage of vaccines:

“We followed the news about vaccination fear. First, we apologize for the added stress people experienced during this difficult time. The concern about postponed appointments is understandable. However, it is premature to suggest that these appointments be permanently canceled.

At CareWell Urgent Care, we have been assured by government officials that they are actively working on our request for second doses for all of our patients. These doses could arrive at our clinics as early as next week. We hope to keep as many current dates as planned. However, if delivery is delayed, we will postpone these appointments and invite patients for their second dose as soon as the new doses arrive.

CareWell is committed to working closely with the state to bring vaccines to our communities as safely and efficiently as possible. According to the state’s Daily Vaccination Report, Massachusetts providers have given approximately 1.1 million initial doses. So far, only about 480,000 seconds have been administered. As we reported to the state, a total of 7,200 first doses were administered at our CareWell Urgent Care clinics. We are confident that anyone who has scheduled a second shot will receive it within the recommended interval.

We will keep communicating our plans as we develop. “

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“It’s panic,” Cambridge State Representative Marjorie Decker told WBZ-TV. “It’s just panic like, ‘Oh no, now what?'”

It’s the insecurity, said Rep. Decker, that upset her.

“When we send out emails that say, ‘You can’t come back for your second dose. Oh wait, yes you can. ‘This is not good for public confidence in a public health crisis,’ said Rep. Decker (D-Cambridge).

The Baker administration emailed WBZ-TV that a second dose is guaranteed for those with appointments, adding that they are waiting for CareWell Urgent Care to report their full vaccination records before making a second shipment deliver.

“I wondered what was going to happen and what the trouble was going to be,” said Doug Weinstock.

He and his wife are still in the limbo of whether their second doses will be in time for the vaccine to work. The Cambridge couple are concerned that this fiasco will jeopardize people’s confidence in the vaccination process – not just for seniors, but also for people of color and the general public.

“Be exasperated for those who are already skeptical of the system, health care, etc. for good reason,” said Doug Weinstock.

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Rep. Decker says if it’s been a day or two or a week since the second dose, that’s still fine. It’s more than that that she’ll worry.