In Corpus Christi we may not have wintry temperatures all season, but that doesn’t have to keep anyone in the area getting into the Christmas spirit.

So bring the kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and your four-legged friends together to explore the city.

The Mazoch Family Christmas Display on Padre Island plays classic Christmas music in sync with the Christmas lights.  It also has a couple of animatronic pelicans.

Some houses in the city were brightly lit and decorated long before the beginning of December.

Some have nativity scenes, others have Christmas music and of course Santa Claus.

We filled our car with gasoline and drove around to check them out. Here are some that we recommend.

Best Christmas lights in Corpus Christi:

You will find arches lit with Christmas lights and the house is ready to fill its roof with lights. This is where the lights sync to Christmas music too if you tune in to 90.3 FM, and we’ve also heard Santa come out on weekend evenings to hand out candy canes.

The tallest Christmas tree you will see in the area.

There is a life-size crib, real pigeons and a cool camel on the side.

A life-size crib on Willowbrook Drive brings the birth of Jesus Christ to life with real doves and a lifelike setting.

More than 300 homeowners are committed to upholding the tradition of lighting their homes and creating Candy Cane Lane every year. This popular spot in Corpus Christi is near Everhart Road on Donegal and Killarmet Drive.

Visitors walk through the decorated houses in and around Candy Cane Lane in Schanen Estates.  The neighborhood is one of the most popular stops in Corpus Christi during the holidays.

  • Mr. Bill’s Wonderland, 3242 Hampton Road

In Mr. Bill’s Wonderland this year you’ll find a choir singing Christmas carols, a nativity scene and a reindeer corral.

Mr. Bill's Wonderland continues across the street with a life-size crib.

  • Mazoch Family Christmas Display, 15301 Isabella Court

Because those who live on North Padre Island can make Christmas lights and they do it so well, they have received some national attention in recent years. In 2015 this place appeared in ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight”.

Here you will find pelicans, a nativity scene and music.

Somewhat different, but still beautiful and peaceful, the homeowners in this place surrounded their house with more than 400 lights. And they said they aren’t the only ones who are full of the Christmas cheer – there are more lights on their street worth checking out.

This Congressional Drive home has 450 electric lights this holiday season.

Here is a map to find Christmas lights near you: