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Important Steps to consider when customising soft toy for your promotional needs

Jul 31

How to purchase custom printed soft toy that is produced for corporate use. 

Compare Supplier for your soft toy customisation 

You'll need a manufacturer who:

  • You are at ease
  • isn't competing against the product you (doesn't market their own products)
  • is familiar with selling to Walmart as well as Amazon
  • We worked with some of the most prestigious customers (FedEx, Disney, Facebook, McDonald's, Serta)
  • Excellent A+ rating with excellent A+ score with Better Business Bureau (see link in footer)

Gather Quotes for your plushie customisation

The quote should contain:

  • Safety testing
  • Quality assurance
  • High-end design and quality materials
  • regular updates on your project's progress
  • Sew labels into the layout and design
  • Timeline
  • starting information

Making the first sample prototype 

The sample or prototype of the soft toy you create should contain:

  • an unfinished sketch
  • You can make changes to your
  • precise turn-around (front side, back and back)
  • More changes from you
  • Your vision should closely match
  • be ready for production
  • Make use of materials similar to the final version
  • Final changes from you

Production upon sample approval

After you have verified the price you will pay after submitting the design, you'll choose a number and then place an order for production. Your order for production should contain:

  • Price per toy confirmed at different quantities
  • the exact shipping cost for the quantity you have selected
  • the desired packaging that you desire, designed and priced
  • Any final modifications are displayed in the final sample of production
  • An example of a product for your absolute approval
  • Testing for safety is complete
  • safety testing report available
  • Child's Product Certificate (to demonstrate retailers such as Amazon as well as Walmart)
  • Any other information you need to know to get your toys produced in the way you'd like
  • Quality check is completed

Shipment and Delivery to client's premise of your soft toy goods

Once your customised soft toys are complete, they will be packed and sent to you. This will include:


  • "On Board" date given (when your toys were shipped)
  • Daily updates about the whereabouts of your toys
  • confirmation of the shipping address and contact details
  • brokeragefees, DDC Docking fees, brokerage other charges, intermodal and brokerage all of which are included
  • (duty and taxes could be additional in your country)
  • curbside delivery delivered with smile