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Ang Mo Kio is a quintessential Housing and Development Board (HDB) heartland with its mature neighborhoods

May 16

This upcoming Amo Residences land cost is a health-conscious property thanks to the numerous parks it gives to the owners. These include Ang Mo Kio Heritage trail marker Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park Ficus Green, Therapeutic Garden, Bishan Park, and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

In the same manner this brand-new Ang Mo Kio new condo will never be deficient of essential necessities because it is enclosed by massive malls that can provide most of the needs for residents, including AMK Hub and Broadway Bishan Plaza North Shopping Mall.

The condo, which is scheduled to open located in District 20 Singapore, supports HDB of nine-storey development. it also features one hundred forty four units. Some from the 126 homes are with 18 units and three units in a four-room style. In 1975, the project was fully completed using an additional leasehold for fifty-four years.

One of the latest condos which ranked seventh in the most modern towns located in Singapore included Ang Mo Kio New Town which was founded in the year 1970. Since its establishment, a variety of amenities are available in this condominium for a contemporary living that make this condominium a great place to make an investing, particularly residential property.

Additionally it is worth noting that there is the Mayflower MRT Station is within of a short distance. Additionally, there are excellent schools such as CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School, as well as The Mayflower Secondary School.


UOL Homes: Creating A Masterpiece
UOL has been committed to creating a "Masterpiece" in its residential development. Its goal is to go beyond the mere provision of a luxury home. With a focus on striking architectural style, UOL homes is determined to create an abode that is distinguished and elegant that lasts and provides satisfaction to homeowners.

About UOL
UOL UOL is one of the leading Singapore publicly traded property firm with total worth of around $20 billion. It is a multifaceted portfolio of commercial and residential properties including investment and development properties, including hotel rooms and suites with service throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America.

With a record of over fifty years of existence, UOL strongly believes in providing top-quality products and high-quality services. In her unwavering devotion to excellence in quality and architecture, UOL has received numerous prestigious awards, like that of the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Award, Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the President's Design Award, and Urban Land Institute Awards for Execellence.

Moving in and out of this apartment is usually enjoyable. There are numerous railway systems that offer low-cost transportation systems. Apart from that, from the base lane avenue (1) and the prospective residents of this condominium are able to access a variety of bus stops in the neighbourhoods around like Block 284 Block 333 Block 246and Block 315 Block 223 Block 321, Block 220 Golden Hill East, and Tech Ghee Ct among others.

There are several destinations where you'll reach after getting on the bus include the premium bus, Bus 761. 71 761, 132 and 132 262, 169 133, and 166 in addition to.

Ang Mo Kio is a iconic Housing and Development Board (HDB) heartland, with its seasoned neighborhood, good hawker food, strong neighborhood relationships and small-scale enterprises that have been in operation since the very beginning in the city.

The town was primarily farmland, secondary forest , and swamps. It was declared an official forest reserve by the colonial administration in the map of 1936. The first mention of this area comes from an 1849 report by J T Thomson, Government Surveyor who noted that the area was "Amokiah" is the name given to Ang Mo Kio then, and that it contained Sandstone. The early maps from Singapore also mention the region by the name of "Amokiah". In the early 1900s, the region was called Ang Mo Kio.

There are many theories suggested regarding the source for the name Ang Mo Kio. Some say it's the Hokkien dialect of tomatoes. Others believe it refers to a bridge that was built in the name of Thomson in the sense that "ang mo" is an Hokkien term used by Caucasians and "kio" refers to "bridge". But, the villagers who lived in the region, claimed that there was no tomato plantation in the region and it is believed that the term Ang Mo Kio was not utilized by the people living there as a name for a place.

An explanation that was more convincing was provided in the report of Douglas Hiorns, former General Manager of Bukit Sembawang Estates. According to Hiorns the two tracks that were the main ones crossing Ang Mo Kio, an area that was surrounded by vast expanses of waterways and swamps, as well as tributaries to rivers flowing through the area. In the process, bridges that connected the tracks over the waterways acquired an importance local to. The bridge that carried Cheng San Road over the tributary of the Kallang River was made of concrete, a substance that is often known as "ang mo he" or "Western Ash" to be used in Hokkien. The north was home to a wood bridge was used to transport along the highway Jalan Hwi Yoh over the river Sungei Tongkang and was locally known as "pang kio" which means "wooden bridge" in Hokkien.

The area gained the title "Ang Mo Kio". Nowadays, Ang Mo Kio is one of the most sought-after residential estates of Singapore by buyers of homes and the city of the future is full of stories to be told. A few examples are the sole circular flat block in Singapore that is owned by the Housing and Development Board, and the town garden where the original vegetation is an integral part in the landscaping. Just next to the circular block of flats is the location where UOL Condo at Ang Mo Kio Rise is.