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How to Make Your Corpus Christi Home More Energy Efficient

Jan 18

How to Make Your Corpus Christi Home More Energy Efficient

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, Jan.18, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

Saving money is the top most priority of most home owners, and energy use is one of the most significant expenses.

Energy efficiency is a way to use less energy to accomplish the same tasks, saving you more money and reducing energy waste. Effectively increasing your energy efficiency requires more than simply using less energy. It also means being aware of energy usage, waste, and the cost of your current electricity plan.

Here are some easy and inexpensive energy tips that can help you save money.

1. Do not open your refrigerator. If you're like this, it is time to put an end to this. Keep your refrigerator doors open as long as possible to ensure your fridge is cool. Cool air is lost every time your fridge doors open.

2. You can set the thermostat. Set the thermostat at a lower setting on warm days to reduce energy consumption by about 10 percent.

3. Fans can cool you down - If you're looking for summer energy saving ideas, fans are an excellent option. Even though fans are not able to lower the ambient temperature, they can help you feel cooler. Ceiling fans or portable fans consume far less energy than air conditioners, which is the best thing about them!

4. When possible, use natural light. Sunlight is important. To brighten your home, turn off all artificial lighting during daylight hours. Instead, use skylights or windows.

5. Take Care with Water - Water is a vital necessity. It's essential to take a shower, wash clothes, clean the cars, or do dishes. By using water sparingly, you can reduce your energy consumption and save hundreds of gallons. Do not rinse dishes in hot water and take a short shower.

6. Dishwashers, clothes washers/dryers can be used in the evening to help keep the house cooler and less strain the power grid.

7. You shouldn't leave your cell phone connected overnight. The charge takes only a few hours.

8. If you have a device that is not being used, unplug it. We don't often think about whether or not our devices are connected. However, this can have a negative impact on our energy usage. It is called "Vampire energy consumption" because leaving devices unplugged can cause them to die prematurely and waste energy. If there's an indicator lamp, you could be burning energy.

9. Install bathroom fans. Bathroom fans trap heat and humidity in your bathroom, increasing comfort.

10. You can use fewer appliances - As diehard technology fans, we love it. It does have one downside. That is, the electricity consumption. To reduce energy consumption, smart tech is encouraged. However, traditional ways are best to save energy.

11. Be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. If you stay at home, don't forget to dress for the weather.

12. Air dry your dishwasher instead of turning it on and heating it.

13.The cross-wise breeze created by the opening of windows allows you to cool down your home naturally without having to turn on an air conditioner. 

14. Full refrigerators and freezers perform best. Keep your fridge and freezer full (using water bottles, if possible). Overfilling appliances can reduce their airflow, which will make them work harder.

15. A programmable thermostat will adjust temperature automatically to suit your needs. There aren't flying cars, but there are robots available and intelligent home assistants. You can reduce energy consumption by automating routines with Home Assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Google Assistant.

16. Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances. These appliances use less energy than normal appliances to accomplish the same task. Some appliances use solar water heaters, which reduce your electricity consumption.

17. Do not leave electronics on 24/7. You should only turn your monitor, computer, printer, and fax machine on when they are needed.

18. When they aren't in use, turn off your lights. Lighting is about 12% on a typical residential utility bills.

19. Your air conditioner should be serviced regularly. Simple maintenance like changing or cleaning out the filters often can help reduce your cooling system’s energy usage by as high as 15 percent. The first day of spring can be used to remind you to clean your air conditioner's coil every year to keep it running at its best.

20. You can wash full loads of clothes and dishes - These are unavoidable tasks that everyone must do.

21. Smart Technology is a must-have - Smart Technology is rapidly taking over the world. Automated homes have become a requirement. Although it might seem that smart devices result in greater energy savings, they do make more use technology. Actually, millennials support sustainability because they are more tech-based."

22. When possible, wash your clothing in cold water.

23. Take a home energy audit. You may not be conserving enough energy to pay high costs. Perhaps your home uses more energy than you realize. An energy audit can help you understand every aspect of your energy consumption. You will be able to quickly and accurately make changes in order to reduce energy consumption.

24. Regularly replace or clean your filters. Filters that are dirty make it harder for your system to work and cause the system to run more time than is necessary.

25. Maintain Your Temperature - Heating or cooling at full speed always uses more energy. Your AC setting will determine how hard your AC will work, and what energy your AC will use.

26. Installation of Energy-Effective Windows - While heat gain in warm areas may be an issue, heat loss through windows could be significant. In colder areas, replacing single-pane windows in the home with double-paned ones can preserve heat and help you save as much as 24% on your winter energy bills. Low-e gas-filled windows can also reflect sunlight in certain places to help keep the house cool during summer, and warm areas of winter.

27. A photocell, or a clock can be used to regulate your fixtures and ensure the operation of outdoor lights from dusk until dawn.

28. Choose the best location for your AC. This is something that should be taken into consideration when installing the system. Your system's efficiency will decrease if your outdoor unit is in direct contact with the sunlight. The AC will need to work harder and consume more energy in order to cool the room.

29.You are the best energy-saving tip! Energy saving appliances can be purchased and you have control over your house. Your habits and behaviors can be changed to save even more energy. You can save even more by changing your habits. It is important to turn off lights and appliances when you move out of the home. You also need to make sure your devices and chargers aren't plugged in while not being used.

How to Make Your Corpus Christi Home More Energy Efficient

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