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Five Things You Must Learn About the Insurance Process for Roof Damage

Dec 29

It can be quite stressful to discover damaged roofs after the ravages of a storm. There's a good chance you have lots of questions and worries, particularly about your homeowners insurance.

The insurance process can be complicated and daunting if you don't know how to proceed. We cannot answer all questions and questions homeowners might have about insurance in one article.

We will provide five essential facts that every homeowner should be aware of in order to file an insurance claim for damaged roofing systems from storms.

Select Adjusters' team of Select Adjusters is proud to be the experts in roof damage insurance in Phoenix. We're your advocate and guide through the insurance claims adjuster Phoenix process. We do this because we declare, "We work for you not the insurance company."

This article will cover the five most important aspects regarding roof damage insurance. In the final section do not forget to get your free Storm Damage Checklist so you can figure out the possibility of your roof having storm damage.

Insurance could be difficult to understand

The reputations of both insurance and roofing sectors are not very good. The sad truth is that there are plenty of insurance and roofing firms that may not have your best interest in mind.

That's why we say the insurance process can be complicated and confusing. This is a way scammers can take advantage of homeowners desperate to have their roof repaired.

It's not the case that all insurance and roofing companies are out to take advantage of you. There are great companies, and there are less good ones.

We want to inform you that both sides have individuals who seek to exploit people in difficult situations. This will allow you to be aware of the possibilities and prevent it from occurring to you.

Don't sign any paperwork until your claim for roof damage is accepted

The roofing industry has a negative image, as I said earlier. One of the reasons the industry's reputation was forged is that some roofing companies try to force homeowners to sign something before they can inspect the roof.

This indicates that a roofing business is looking to make you sign a contract giving them full access to your roof, even before your claim is accepted. This is an obvious sign they're not concerned about your best interests.

An honest roofing company will assist you with the insurance process. They'll also offer an honest evaluation of storm damages to your roofing. If your insurance claim has been approved , they will seek your contact information.

If you're in a panic after a storm has caused damage do not sign any documents from a roofing company until the insurance claim is accepted.

Adjusters from insurance must accept your claim

Your insurance provider should be contacted as soon as you believe that your roof was damaged by storm. They will either send an insurance adjuster out to assess the roof, or suggest you contact a roofing contractor.

Whatever route the insurance company decides to go down, the adjuster from the insurance company is the only one who will be able to accept your claim. If you are deemed to have storm damage then a roofing professional will inspect your roof and make suggestions for you.

Even if a roofing company believes that your roof requires to be replaced because of storm damage, it is the responsibility of the insurance adjuster.

Insurance adjusters commit mistakes

Everyone is human and everyone makes errors. Insurance adjusters are no exception. Although many adjusters are able to recognize storm damage, they may make mistakes and deny claims.

Don't be alarmed should they not pay your claim. There are ways to double and triple check your roof for damage from storms.

A second adjuster to examine your roof is the best method of getting an extra opinion. While they may be able to approve your claim, occasionally the second adjuster may insist that the roof is ineligible for an insurance claim.

After the second adjuster has said no, if you think that your roof is damaged by storms, an engineer can come to your house to look at your roof and give proof to your insurance company (if they have any) the roof has to be replaced because of storm damage.

You can pick your own roofing contractor

Once your claim is approved Once your claim is approved, it's your choice to choose any local roofing contractor that you like. It's essential to locate a local company that has experience working on insurance claims.

When you begin looking for a roofing firm make sure that you do not need to solicit multiple quotes to find the best price. This is because, after your insurance claim has been approved, regardless of the roofing company you choose to use, the insurance provider will determine the cost for your replacement.

There is no need to obtain multiple estimates. However, it doesn't mean you can't conduct research and contact a number of roofing companies to select the one that is the best. However, when you are looking for the best one it is important to make sure they provide high-quality craftsmanship and are willing to stand up for you throughout the insurance process.

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